Do You Have Adult ADD?

Do You Have Adult ADD?
If you never had an Attention Deficit Disorder diagnosis as a child, have you ever wondered if you have adult ADD? If you had a diagnosis as a child, do you think that you never grew out of your ADD? Does your child have an ADD diagnosis and everybody says, "He reminds me of you at that age!" Could you have adult Attention Deficit Disorder?

According to The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – 5th edition (DSM-5TM), adults with Attention Deficit Disorder have a "persistent pattern" of symptoms that appeared before the age of twelve. Using the chart of symptoms, which are divided into symptoms of inattention and symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity, adults need to have five or more symptoms. Some symptoms of inattention are difficulty in giving or maintaining close attention to detail or tasks. Task completion is also a problem. Adults with ADD are forgetful and often lose items. Other symptoms of inattention may also be present. While children may often be hyperactive, adults are more impulsive. They can be restless and have difficulty sitting still in meetings. Excessive talking, blurting, and interrupting can be symptoms of adult ADD.

To get an evaluation for adult Attention Deficit Disorder, find a mental health professional or physician with experience working with people who have ADD. You do not want to go to somebody who does not believe ADD is real. A good diagnostic procedure is a long, drawn out process. There are surveys, ratings scales, interviews, and a personal history. Questions will be asked about your past and present functioning. Beware the professional who meets you for the first time and gives you a quick and easy diagnosis. Also beware of the practitioner who "doesn't believe" that medication is useful for adults. It is for some, while not so much for others. Behavioral therapy and medication are a potent combination in treating the negative symptoms of ADD.

Adults who have a fresh Attention Deficit Diagnosis are often relieved. Each person who gets a diagnosis may feel that they have had troublesome features of their lives explained. How can I be this smart and creative and not be able to finish projects in a timely manner? A diagnosis of ADD can explain that.

People with Attention Deficit Disorder are curious and creative. Here are some resources about adult ADD. Included, you will find a link to the Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms from The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – 5th edition (DSM-5TM). I have also included a link to the complete process for getting an evaluation. Just for fun, I also have a video with an ADD "test" that made me giggle as I watched it. I saw so many of my traits!


The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – 5th edition (DSM-5TM)

Diagnosis of ADHD in Adults

The 'Unofficial' ADHD Test for Adults

This Amazon link is to a fantastic book about Attention Deficit Disorder.
Driven to Distraction (Revised)

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