Project Tutorial - Watercolor Wash in Rebelle

Project Tutorial - Watercolor Wash in Rebelle
In this Rebelle tutorial, we will create a watercolor gradient wash that will be a background for an Instagram social media graphic. We will learn how to use the Watercolor, Blend and Water tools.

Open Rebelle and start a new project that is 1080 x 1080 pixels and 72 dpi. First, we will wet the entire canvas with the Water tool. Then we will add paint with the Watercolor tool and blend the watercolor wash with the Blend tool.

  1. Select the Water tool and set the Size and Water sliders to 100 (see screenshot). Select the Wet 1 brush shape and add water over the entire canvas. Rebelle will automatically switch to the Show Wet mode, which displays wet areas on the canvas in blue. As we have covered the entire canvas with water, we see that all of the canvas is blue. (see screenshot).

  2. Select the Watercolor tool and set the Size to 75, Pressure to 50, Loading and Water to 100. Select the Round brush shape.

  3. In the Color panel, choose the color of your choice.

  4. Turn on the Tilt panel by clicking the small circle in the center (see screenshot). We want our paint to move downward just a little as it diffuses. So pull the blue line in the Tilt control downward from the circle just a little.

  5. Paint a few lines of paint at the top of the canvas and allow the paint to diffuse or spread. The speed of the diffusion depends on the speed of your computer.

  6. When the diffusion begins to slow, blend the edges with the Blend tool. You should have a nice color wash over the top third of the canvas (see screenshot).

    Now we will repeat the process with a second analogous color.

  7. Add more water to the empty area of the canvas.

  8. Repeat the painting and blending process. Concentrate the blending at the top and bottom edges of the new color wash.

  9. Choose a third analogous color and repeat for the bottom third of the canvas (see screenshot).

    As with traditional watercolor paints, the color becomes lighter as the paint dries. When you are happy with the painting, it's time to save the project. I like to save the project in the default .reb file format and then again in the .jpg and .psd formats.

  10. Click File - Save and save the file as a .reb file.

  11. Click File - Save As and save the file as a jpg. Use the drop-down menu at the bottom to change the file format (see screenshot). Repeat for the .psd file format.


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