Lotato - the Low Carb Potato

Lotato - the Low Carb Potato
It might seem a holy grail for every dieter. New Zealand farmers have cross-bred various vegetables to create a potato that's lower in starches. A low carb potato.

Depending on which lotato and potato you're looking at, they can be up to 40% less in carbs than standard potatoes.

One early entrant into the market is the Sunlite brand - these have the modest claim of having 30% less calories than regular potatoes. These potatoes provide 58 cal / 100g while regular potatoes normally have 83 cal / 100g. That is broken out as:

5.5g carbs
1.5g fiber


5.0g net carbs


4g protein
9g fat

all per 100g.

The company claims these are good for boiling, mashing, and baking - so most standard usages.

The question, of course, is whether grocery stores near you will begin carrying these. Are we going to see a large war between the old-fashioned carb-filled potato growers and these new, healthier potatoes? Will farmers convert over in order to help the health of their consumers? Or is it much easier to just keep cranking out the unhealthy versions and who cares if the world might want to have healthier versions available?

In general, it's a good idea to wean yourself off of potatoes. If you manage to find Sunlite (or a similar) brand of potatoes and keep eating them regularly, then if you run out or go out to eat you're likely to eat the high-test versions - which isn't great for your health. If you instead transition yourself over to eating healthier food items you're more set long term.

Still, if you are currently hooked on high-test potatoes and going cold turkey sounds like a nightmare, definitely track down some of these lower carb potato options. They can help you ease down the road into a healthier eating lifestyle without giving up altogether. Sometimes the key to success is taking your path in small steps that you can manage. Where you retrain your palate and brain to a new way of viewing food.

If you're able to find some of these in your local area, let me know! I'd love to hear how they work for you.

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