Peppadew Piquanté Mild Peppers Review

Peppadew Piquanté Mild Peppers Review
Peppadew is the trademarked name of a type of small pepper discovered in South Africa. They are unique little bits of gustatory joy. Looking like a cross between a red cherry tomato and a tiny pepper, these sweet piquanté peppers add a kick of heat and a sweet taste to whatever food that they enhance. This review is for the mild version of the Peppadew peppers. They also sell hot Peppadews, which I have not tried.

Peppadew peppers have a Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) of between 1000-3500 on the Scoville Scale. The Scoville Scale is a measurement of capsaicin concentration, which tells how hot a pepper is. For comparison, a jalapeno pepper stands in the 3,500-10,000 range. The Peppadew's heat is more like an Anaheim or poblano pepper, although Peppadews have a sweetness that these other peppers do not.

The Peppadew has its seeds removed to mitigate their spiciness, but also to keep them from being grown elsewhere. They are not sold fresh, and their seeds are not available for cultivation. Why is their production so closely guarded?

They are unique. When you taste one, you will understand what all of the fuss is about! Also, by limiting production, the quality can be controlled. So can the price. Peppadews are an expensive little pepper. When I bought mine, I paid over $12 for a jar, since I do not review any product without actually trying it myself. Here's a bit of a giggle! For a long time, I was afraid to use them, since I was concerned that I would be disappointed and upset for spending so much for Peppadews, if I didn't like them.

Fortunately, they have a three year shelf life, stored in their little bottles, since it took two years for me to open mine! Wow! I love these scrumptious little peppers. I'll buy them again, although the price is still high enough for the Peppadew not to be a regular grocery item for our household. For special occasions, or for those times when I just need a Peppadew, I will purchase them. It helps me justify the cost to know that they also have a good nutritional profile. A third of a cup is just 35 calories and has 50% of your vitamin C needs for the day. They also have just 8 grams of carbs for 30 gram serving.

Peppadew peppers can be added to sandwiches, salads, and soups. Since they have a wide opening, they are easily stuffed. Stuffed, or by themselves, they make excellent appetizers. When the Peppadews are gone, there is still value in that jar! Don't pour their precious liquid down the sink. Their brine can be used to enhance the flavors in marinades and sauces. You do not have to use a lot of them at once to get their wonderful flavor. I highly recommend Peppadew peppers. Below are some ideas for their use.

Peppadew Use Ideas
Sandwiches:Sliced, they are good on beef, pork, chicken, or turkey. Peppadews are a natural on Italian hoagie sandwiches. They make a grilled cheese special, indeed!
'Salads:Chopped Peppadews are delicious and colorful in pasta salads. In a chopped salad, use the Peppadew as part of the finely chopped veggies. Slice Peppadews into rings and sprinkle them on top of a mixed greens salad. Use the brine to make a tasty dressing with your favorite healthy oil and some herbs.
Appetizers:Slice a mozzarella cheese stick into pieces. Stuff the cheese pieces into the Peppadews. You can also stuff a black olive into the Peppadew, then stuff a small piece of cheese into the olive. For a delightful dip or spread, finely chop some Peppadews and chives. Mix them into whipped cream cheese. Use the cream cheese with veggie dippers. The cream cheese mixture is also good as a spread for crackers or finger sandwiches.

Below is an Amazon link that will let you find out more about the Peppadew peppers. If you can't get them locally, Amazon has them. I haven't tried the Golden Peppadews. If you do, let me know how you like them!

Peppadew Whole Piquanté Mild Peppers

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