Five Amazing Multigenerational Cruise Destinations

Five Amazing Multigenerational Cruise Destinations
Vacationing with multiple generations is one of today's top leisure travel trends. By traveling with younger and older family members, families are able to bond while sharing special adventures and spending precious time together. Choosing the right destination for these types of trips is key.

According to recent travel industry surveys, multigenerational vacationers are looking for destinations offering authentic meaningful experiences, enriching cultural connections, scenic beauty and opportunities for learning. Increasingly, opportunities for soft adventure are important as well. Today’s grandparents are healthy and more active than ever and they want to enjoy memorable experiences with their children and grandchildren. Generation Z kids enjoy cool Insta-worthy activities and have an influence on vacation planning as well.

Top multigenerational vacation destinations offer a wealth of activities for all age groups and interests. If you are looking for a destination filled with enriching experiences and bucket list adventures for your multigenerational cruise vacation, here are five outstanding options to consider.

1. Awesome Alaska. Alaska is a popular destination for multigenerational cruise vacations. Alaska cruises allow multigenerational families to get close to wildlife and nature, visit extraordinary national parks, marvel at scenic vistas, and experience exciting outdoor adventures. Families can see calving glaciers, spot pods of humpback whales, soar above vast icefields in a helicopter, watch bears catching wild salmon, go kayaking with inquisitive sea otters in placid coves, and drive a dog sled through the snow. Alaska’s wonders are most easily accessed by cruise ship and Holland America Line’s premium-class fleet is a perfect match for multigenerational family vacationers interested in experiencing this extraordinary destination together. Holland America excels at delivering something great for every age group on their Alaska cruises. Adults will enjoy Holland America’s superb culinary experiences and exceptional entertainment including enrichment programs, cooking classes and live music in multiple venues along the ship’s Music Walk. Kids and teens ages 3-17 can participate in a full range of daily programs and cool events at Club HAL and The Loft, plus there are plenty of activities that all family members can enjoy together as well. Holland America’s mid-size ships are easy to navigate and packed with amenities including pools with retractable roofs, spas and fitness centers, specialty restaurants and more. Service is particularly attentive on these ships. A Family Reunion Program is also available for larger multigenerational vacations and celebrations events. For more information, visit

2. Ecuador’s Extraordinary Galapagos Islands. A small ship expedition cruise through the Galapagos Islands is a top choice for a multigenerational family eco-adventure. This remote and stunning chain of islands located six hundred miles off the coast of Ecuador is a paradise for nature lovers. Each day spent here offers opportunities for learning, bonding and making vivid memories that will last a lifetime. Ecoventura is a top ranked, award-winning company operating comfortable first-class and luxury motor yachts accommodating up to 20 people. The family-owned company’s naturalist guides are superb and know how to cater to families and multigenerational groups. On Ecoventura’s Galapagos cruises, multigenerational guests have the opportunity to snorkel alongside penguins and sea turtles, get up close to sea lions and ancient 600-pound tortoises, marvel at intricate courtship dances of albatrosses and blue-footed boobies, and explore these pristine waters via sea kayaks and zodiacs. The family-owned company’s naturalist guides are superb and know how to cater to families and multigenerational groups. On special family cruises, naturalist guides can take the kids in one group designed specifically for them while adults can go on their own guided excursion tailored to their pace and interests. Ecoventura offers several unique itineraries allowing guests to explore a variety of islands throughout the Galapagos as well as land-based extensions in Ecuador and Peru. For more information, visit

3. Untouched Panama and Costa Rica. While Costa Rica and Panama are two of today’s hottest destinations, few multigenerational families are able to spend their entire vacation visiting these countries’ most pristine places. UnCruise Adventures takes multigenerational groups on memorable voyages of exploration to these places aboard Safari Voyager, a beautifully refurbished exploration vessel with just 32 cabins. The expedition guides and crew on this ship are exceptional. An UnCruise Costa Rica & Panama Canal adventure connects families with nature, wildlife and extraordinary places. Guests spend their days taking skiff tours, hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, and wildlife watching in some of the Central America’s most stunning locations including Panama’s Coiba National Park, Costa Rica’s Osa Conservation Area and Curu National Wildlife Refuge. Snorkeling around Panama’s spectacular Granito de Oro is one of the many highlights of this voyage. Morning and afternoon hikes and other daily excursions are offered for multiple activity and fitness levels. Multigenerational families on these cruises enjoy the biodiversity of this region and its abundant wildlife including multiple species of monkeys, sloths, tapirs, coatis, crocodiles, toucans, scarlet macaws, blue-footed boobies, sea turtles, dolphins, whales and more. UnCruise voyages also include a full transit of the historic Panama Canal, which is an unforgettable experience for family members of all ages. For more information, visit

4. Exotic Vietnam and Cambodia. Traveling in Vietnam and Cambodia offers incredible opportunities for extraordinary transformational experiences in some of the most enchanting places in Southeast Asia, including Angkor Wat and the Mekong Delta. Traveling to these locations is appealing to multigenerational groups, but the logistics and planning required can be daunting. AmaWaterways makes the adventure easy with their family-friendly Mekong River cruises and multi-day land extensions in Vietnam and Cambodia. AmaWaterways is seeing an increasing number of multigenerational families on their river cruises aboard the luxurious 124-passenger AmaDara. On an AmaWaterways Mekong cruise, days are filled with authentic local experiences, cultural exploration, unique adventures and extraordinary opportunities for learning. Families and multigenerational groups can share memorable experiences including riding in oxcarts and trishaws, navigating sections of Vietnam's Cu Chi Tunnels, being blessed at a special Buddhist ceremony at one of Cambodia's largest monasteries, shopping at lively city markets, and enjoying personal interactions with locals during village visits. In Siem Reap, multigenerational groups can explore the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat together, making this family vacation a trip of a lifetime. The AmaDara's staff and guides are outstanding, personally catering to every guest and treating travelers like family. For more information, visit

5. The Caribbean's Idyllic Grenadine Islands. Multigenerational families seeking to escape the crowds on their Caribbean cruise should consider sailing to the region's unspoiled Grenadines. Set in the crystal clear turquoise waters of the southern Caribbean, over thirty palm-studded islands make up the Grenadines chain. It’s easy for multigenerational families to find their piece of paradise here and discover the Caribbean as it used to be. The Grenadines are pristine gems, each sun-drenched isle lovelier than the next. Star Clippers' Royal Clipper sails to these picturesque islands from Barbados from December through March, visiting Grenada, St. Vincent, Bequia, Martinique, St. Lucia, and Tobago Cays, a national park offering exceptional snorkeling. The ship even offers a "Captain's Best" beach day held at a deserted Grenadines islet of the Captain's choice. On a Star Clippers tall ship cruise, multigenerational families can enjoy a classic sailing experience with modern cruise ship amenities. Star Clippers' sleekly elegant Royal Clipper ship accommodates a little over 200 passengers and allows multigenerational adventurers to visit mostly deserted islands and relatively untraveled Caribbean ports that can’t be accessed by large cruise ships. Star Clippers offers its guests an extensive free water sports program as well as special activities such as beach barbecues and pirate night parties under the stars. While there are no children's programs or kids' menus onboard, the Royal Clipper's Grenadines itinerary is an excellent choice for multigenerational families who enjoy sailing, adventurous exploration, superb watersports, and visiting scenic tropical ports of call. For additional information, visit

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