Coloring a Digi Stamp in Rebelle with Markers

Coloring a Digi Stamp in Rebelle with Markers
In the previous tutorial, we imported our pumpkin digital stamp in to Rebelle and stamped the line art on to a layer. Now, we will color the pumpkin stamp with Rebelle Markers. Many traditional crafters and card makers enjoy using Copic markers to color their stamps. We will use Rebelle's Marker and Blend tools to do the same for our digital stamp.

For those who haven't completed the previous tutorial, you still can (see link below). This tutorial will walk you through downloading the free digi stamp, importing it in to Rebelle and coloring the line art.

  1. Open your project file into Rebelle.

  2. If you don't see the orange stamp/stencil, turn on the visibility of the stamp/stencil by clicking the Eye icon at the bottom of the Stencils panel.

    Now that we can see the stamp/stencil, our first step is to remove the stamp/stencil from the canvas, before we begin to color the pumpkin.

  3. From the attached menu, click Remove to remove the stamp from the canvas (see screenshot).

  4. Switch to the Layers panel. Click the Plus icon at the bottom to add a new layer. Name the layer "paint" and drag it below the stamp layer (see screenshot). We will color our stamp on this paint layer.

  5. Select the Marker tool and set the Size to 40, the Pressure to 100 and the Shape to Bullet (see screenshot). Fill the edges of the pumpkin with light yellow #FFE25D, leaving the center of the pumpkin white (see screenshot).

  6. Switch to the Blend tool and set the Size to 80, the Pressure to 30 and the Shape to Soft. Blend just a little of the yellow toward the center of the pumpkin (see screenshot).

    TIP: If you paint in the wrong area, just use the Eraser tool to remove the paint or click the Undo icon to back up a few steps.

  7. With the Marker tool, add an orange color #FF4B00 to the edges of the pumpkin and blend again (see screenshot).

  8. Let's add a brown color #8F2000 to the bottom of the pumpkin for the shadow on the pumpkin. Use the Blend tool to soften the color edges (see screenshot).

  9. Let's reduce the Pressure of the Marker tool to 55 and the Size to 20. Paint the pumpkin stem with a light layer of brown. Gradually add more brown to the bottom of the stem, extending slightly over the top of the pumpkin. Alternate between blending and painting to get a smooth gradient of light to dark brown (see screenshot).

    Let's not forget the pumpkin's eyes.

  10. Let's add a little yellow #EFEAA1 to the eyes and some orange #CB6E0A to the left edge of the eye. Blend (see screenshot).

  11. Finally, lets color the pupils a dark purple #5D1A94 (see screenshot).

  12. Save the project in both the Rebelle .reb format and in the .jpg format for printing. If you wish to add a halloween text message in Photoshop or Inkscape save the image in the .psd format.



Screenshots used by permission of Escape Motions, s.r.o.

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