Restarting a Diet after a Vacation

Restarting a Diet after a Vacation
We all know the challenges. We've gone on vacation. We've eaten a bit too much. How do we restart a diet when we're back home again?

I've been following a low carb lifestyle since 2004 so I've had plenty of experience with this situation. The most recent one came when I returned from an 11-day cruise to Alaska. Yes, the trip was absolutely stunning, and I will treasure the memories forever. Like this adorable little bear cub, examining a salmon his mom caught for him.

Alaskan Bear Cub with Salmon

You might think I got plenty of exercise on this trip. Some days I clocked more than 16,000 steps as I explored Victoria or trekked through pristine forest. However, there's always the down-side to cruises. I.e. free, unlimited, delicious, extravagant food. Filet mignon. Lobster. Salmon. Crab.

Sure, I aimed to be good. I avoided the pasta dishes and had a salad with every dinner. Still, by the time dessert came around, my willpower was softening. The chocolate lava cakes sounded just so good. And by the time I got home again, I'd somehow discovered an additional five pounds as a souvenir.

What to do now?

Step One. Relax. These things happen. We don't have time machines. Stress only causes the body to cling to weight, so release the stress. Accept that the new effort starts with today.

Step Two. Reclaim a good routine. Take your daily vitamins. Drink ample water. Eat healthy things for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Have healthy snacks. This is not the time to deprive yourself - that will lead to poor decisions. Don't think about "undoing" what happened. Just think about making healthy choices in the moment you're in.

Step Three. Find ways to get into motion. Maybe it's playing fun music and dancing around the living room. Maybe it's going for a walk. Maybe it's exploring a museum. Little steps add up. Now is the perfect time to get that new plan into motion, while things are still in a bit of a jumble.

All in all, a vacation is a good way to shake loose things a bit. Take advantage of that. Use that vibe to re-look at the way each day is unrolling and shape it to support your future goals.

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