ADD and Family Holidays

ADD and Family Holidays
Many groups celebrate their holiday customs in the early winter. For families who have members with Attention Deficit Disorder, these holidays can be trying. The family routine goes right out the window. Meal times and ingredients are often different from usual. Bedtimes might shift on a daily basis. People get together to celebrate traditions and make new traditions. This means special visits to and from friends and relatives. These folks may have limited experience with the needs of kids who have Attention Deficit Disorder. What can you do to make this a great holiday season?

Below are links to articles that can give you some ideas on building the best possible holiday season.

ADD and Planning a Pleasant Holiday
Sometimes parties and events of a holiday season just fly by people with Attention Deficit Disorder. It's not because they don't want to have an amazing holiday season. It has to do with planning. Planning for the holiday season means making lists—lots of lists! Then, you work your plan.

ADD and Holiday Stress Busters
There are times that you want a lovely holiday season, but the negative symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder get in the way. Planning helps this, and you need to be selective about what you commit your time and resources to over the holiday season. With creativity you can build your joyous season.

Holiday Visits and Kids with ADD
When kids with Attention Deficit Disorder are around people who barely know them, the results can be volatile. A holiday season brings opportunities for visits with people that we care for, but seldom see. What can you do to improve the outcomes of these visits? Here are suggestions to make everybody's day better!

Kids with ADD and Simple Tips for Better Holidays
Holidays can be wonderful, but they are inherently stressful, especially if you have children with ADD. Keeping a good schedule for the youngsters with ADD is important. Here are simple tips for making the holidays better for everybody.

Gift Ideas List for Adults with ADD
Do you need ideas for gifts to give to an adult who has Attention Deficit Disorder? This list of gift ideas may help.

Taking a Road Trip with ADD
Does visiting with the relatives mean making a road trip? Whether for winter holidays or a summer vacation, this article gives relevant tips to the road trippers. Planning is the key to taking a road trip when you have Attention Deficit Disorder. Research, a calendar, lists, and a safe place to keep your planning tools will help to smooth your road. Don't let the inattentive side of ADD derail your wonderful trip. Let your ADD creativity come to the fore!

Just by their nature, holidays can be stressful. You can lower the stress level by doing some advance planning and by not trying to cram too much holiday joy into too little time. Plan some low-stress times. Rest. Give each person a chance to spend some quiet time alone. Do those activities that give you and your family the most pleasure. There will always be obligations that you don't want to go to. Limit those. Have a great holiday season with your loved ones, and don't let Attention Deficit Disorder get in the way of your joy.

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