Rebelle Project - Instagram Graphic

Rebelle Project - Instagram Graphic
In this Rebelle 2 tutorial, we will create a graphic that we will use in a Spring Sale Instagram animation. We will use the Acrylic tool to paint the colorful background and a free stencil to add a frame and the sales text. See the link below to download the free stencil.

Because this project will be made into an .mp4 animation for an Instagram post, we will create our project in Rebelle with the dimensions for an Instagram post, which are 1080 x 1080 pixels at 72 resolution.

Instagram Graphic

  1. Click File - New to open the New Artwork window. Set the following (see screenshot).

    Width and Height 1080 pixels
    DPI 72

  2. Click the Canvas button on the right to open the Select Canvas window. Choose a Canvas Texture and Canvas Color. In the example, I used my favorites (see screenshot).

    Canvas Texture Aquarelle
    Canvas Color White

  3. In the Layers panel (see screenshot), rename the default layer to Background.

  4. Add a new layer above the background layer and name it Details.

    We will start by importing the free stencil and painting the thin black border that is just a little smaller than the graphic. After we add the border, we will go to the background layer and paint three large stripes of Spring colors with the Acrylic tool. We want the background to extend just a little beyond the border line but not completely off the image. Finally, we will paint the Spring Sale text in the center with white paint.

    Import Stencil and Paint the Border

  5. In the Layers panel, select the Details layer.

  6. From the Stencils panel menu (see screenshot), choose Create Stencil from Image File. Choose the dCStencil_0011s_SpringSaleStencil.png file from the download zip.

  7. Click on the new stencil thumbnail to add the stencil to the canvas.

  8. Use the controls on the stencil menu to enlarge and center the stencil over the background. The border should be about a half inch from the edge of the image. See Speedpaint Video above for a guide.

  9. In the Layers panel, select the Details layer.

  10. Select the Acrylic tool and set the following (see screenshot).

    Size 75
    Pressure 50
    Loading 50
    Water 50
    Flat 2 Brush

  11. Set the paint color to black (#000000) and paint the border (see screenshot).

    The Background

    Now we will paint the background. We will need to turn off the stencil to paint the background. We will use an Analogous color scheme with pink, lavender and blue. Of course, you can use any color scheme or your brand colors. Use the Speedpaint Video above as a guide.

  12. Go to the Background layer.

  13. From the Stencils panel (see screenshot), click the Show/Hide Stencils icon at the bottom of the panel, to hide the stencil.

  14. Set the Acrylic brush Size to 100.

  15. Let's start with the pink color (#F49AC2). Click on the color box at the top of the Color panel to open the Color picker. Set the color to pink or the color of your choice.

  16. With the Acrylic tool (see screenshot), paint a few stripes across the top 1/3 from the canvas, extending the paint slightly beyond the border.

    We want the paint to be thick and the color saturated, so that the white text will pop off the background.

  17. Change the color to lavender (#855FA8) and paint a few stripes below the first color.

  18. Change the color to blue (#0074BC) and paint over the bottom third of the canvas (see screenshot).

    Paint the Text

  19. From the Stencils panel, turn on the Stencil again.

  20. Return to the Details layer.

  21. Change the paint color to white (#FFFFFF) and paint the Spring Sale text (see screenshot).

We will be building the animation in Apple Motion. So, let's first save the image in the native Rebelle .reb format and also in the .psd Photoshop format. It is this .psd image that we will import into the Motion software.

Of course, instead of using the art in an animation, you can post the finished graphic to Instagram. Just save the art in the .jpg format.

Zip Contents

Screenshots used by permission of Escape Motions, s.r.o.

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