Square Motif - Daniela Mendola

Square Motif - Daniela Mendola

Square Motif for Curtains

a square insertion type motif for curtains by Daniela Mendola

Daniela Mendola shares another motif just right for the beginning tatter.


R = ring

CH = chain

p = picot

rw = reverse work

clr = close ring

+ = join

SH1, SH2 = shuttle 1 or shuttle 2

Using two shuttles or one shuttle/needle and ball thread, start the ring with SH1

*R 4ds - 9ds - 9ds - 4ds clr

R 4ds + 9ds - 9ds - 4ds clr rw*

CH 5ds - 5ds rw (this picot will be used for 3 joins.)

*Repeat the rings * to *.

CH of 5ds, join to the p of the previous chain, 5ds. rw

Continue with two more repeats joining the last ring to the first ring and secure ends.

Here is an diagram example of this motif used for a curtain.

motif shown for curtain use by Daniela Mendola

Add variety by using two different colors. The curtain may also be embellished with some hemstitch and an ornamental edging, tatted of course!

Here is a vintage edging by the famous Frau Tina Frauberger.

Onion ring Inner ring 10 - 10 clr. DNRW

Onion ring Outer ring 7 - 7 + (join to picot of inner ring) 7 - 7 clr rw

CH 8 - 8 rw

R 10 - 10 clr. DNRW

R 7 + (join to last picot of outer ring of previous set) 7 + (join to picot of inner ring) 7 - 7 clr rw

CH 8 - 8 rw

Second row:

Attach thread to picot of chain on row 1.

CH 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 + (join to picot on next chain on previous row),

CH 8 - 8 - 8 - 8 + (skip one chain, join to picot on next chain on previous row),

Join to next chain and continue.

diagram with ds count for simple edging by Tina Frauberger

How to make Onion rings.

Using one shuttle, begin by tatting a normal ring with a picot at top center. Close ring and do not reverse work. Using the same shuttle begin a second ring and tat up to the midpoint.

Next bring the ring thread up through the picot on the first ring. Bring the shuttle/core thread through the loop.

Pull gently on the ring thread to remove the excess thread. Make sure that the last double stitch formed touches the picot; adjust tension or compression as needed.
Finish tatting the ring and close allowing the new ring to surround the first ring.

photo of onion ring join

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