Outstanding Kiwi Varieties

Outstanding Kiwi Varieties
There are many outstanding kiwi varieties available. These include Issai hardy kiwi.

Issai Hardy Kiwi

This originated in Japan. Sources disagree as to its hardiness. Depending on the source used, Issai kiwi is recommended for zones four through seven or five through nine. It is said to be slightly less hardy than most hardy kiwi varieties.

This has been described as a hybrid of the hardy kiwi and silver vine. It is reportedly a low chill variety that is heat tolerant. Issai kiwi tends to bloom somewhat later than some varieties.

The plants are widely available. It apparently is not well suited to poorly drained sites. The very compact vine has been described as less vigorous than most.

Issai kiwi is a good choice when limited garden space is available because it is considered at least partially self fertile. However, it will bear better crops if cross pollination is provided. This can be used to pollinate other hardy kiwi varieties so long as the bloom times overlap.

The plant is very prolific, and begins bearing at a very young age, usually the year after it is planted.

The long, smooth skinned fruits are ¾ to 1¼ inch long and 1¾ inch in diameter. If no cross pollination is provided, Issai fruits will be seedless. The very high quality fruits are delicious with an excellent, sweet flavor. These ripen best in areas with long growing seasons.

Ken’s Red Kiwi

This variety originated in New Zealand, and was bred by Ken J. Nobbs. It has all the qualities needed in a commercial variety.

The plant has been described as a hybrid of hardy kiwi with Actinidia cordifolia and Actinidia melandra. It has been recommended for zones six through nine.

Considered a low chill variety, this is highly recommended for the Gulf states. The moderately vigorous plant bears large crops.

This variety bears the largest fruits of all the hardy kiwi varieties. These kiwis have an edible skin that varies from black cherry colored to purplish-red. The oval fruit features unique purplish-red flesh. This has a very rich, mild, sweet flavor.

Matua Fuzzy Kiwi

This male variety is less hardy than some. It is considered a low chill variety and needs only a hundred hours or less.

The vigorous plant blooms for a long period. The flowers form clusters that can contain up to five blossoms. The peduncles are covered with short hairs.

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