Psycho (1960)

Psycho (1960)
Marion Crane lives a quiet, mundane life in Phoenix, Arizona. But, when her boss entrusts her to deposit $40,000 at a local bank, things quickly change. Marion decides to take the money, leaves everything behind and heads to California to meet up with her lover, Sam. On her way there, Marion decides to stop overnight at the deserted Bates Motel, off the main highway. While there, she meets Norman, a quiet man, who runs the hotel with his mysterious mother who stays in the family’s home at the property. Unfortunately for Marion, Norman’s issues with his mother turn deadly, leaving Norman to clean up the results. With Marion and the money missing, a private detective, Marion’s sister, Lila and Sam try to piece together what has become of her. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching’s Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho”.

∙ At the beginning of the movie, Marion is talking to Sam about having dinner at her house with her sister. During the wider view of Sam, when he says “All right”, it shows his shirt is spread out, covering the upper part of both legs and part of his stomach. It cuts to a close-up and the shirt’s position has changed with it being more “bunched up”.

∙ A police officer arrives and notices Marion’s car parked on the side of the road. He walks up to the car and is looking through the driver’s side window. The close-up shows the door’s frame is near the left side of his face, even though he’s standing to the right of the door. When he tells Marion to “hold on”, the police officer moves closer to the left side of the door, but the close-up is the same as the previous view, although he’s moved.

∙ Also during this scene, the police officer takes Marion’s driver’s license and walks to the front of the vehicle. Marion puts her left hand on top of the steering wheel. The scene cuts to a view of the car’s license plate and them a close-up of Marion, whose hand is down. It cuts to a view of the cop and back to Marion and her hand is back on the steering wheel.

∙ Marion is at the car dealership and asks to use the restroom. As she approaches the restroom’s door, the white door handle is on the right side. (The door opens from the right side in.) But, when the scene cuts to an interior view of the restroom, the door (which should appear to be opening from the left side) is opening from the right side in with the door handle on the opposite side.

“Psycho” (1960) was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and stars Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles, John Gavin, Janet Leigh, Martin Balsam and John McIntire. It runs 109 minutes and is rated R for violence, gore and frightening and intense scenes.

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