The Stingiest Man In Town

The Stingiest Man In Town
This version of the classic Christmas Carol tale is told by the little creature B.A.H. Humbug. Ebenezer Scrooge must face the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future if he’s to escape the same haunting fate of his late partner, Marley. Here are a few mistakes to look for in the Rankin & Bass classic, “The Stingiest Man In Town”.

∙ Ebenezer has arrived home while the dogs, cat and mice are singing “He’s the Stingiest Man in Town” outside. In the front view, the two mice are in the front with the gray dog, cat (in the middle) and the yellow dog behind them. It cuts to a rear view when they start to bark and meow, and the yellow dog is now in the middle while the cat has taken his previous spot.

∙ The face on the door knocker can be seen in the farther view as Ebenezer approaches. The close-up view shows the knocker turning into the ghost of Jacob Marley. It cuts back to the original, wider view when Ebenezer is talking, and the original door knocker is shown. After he says, “why have you come to haunt me”, it cuts to a close-up and it’s the ghost’s image once again.

∙ Belle is breaking off her engagement to Ebenezer in Christmas Past. In two overhead views, there’s an umbrella hooked onto the edge of the desk, near the ink well, close to the corner. In the front view, just before Belle knocks the umbrella over, the ink well is in the middle. Also during this scene, Ebenezer picks ups the umbrella and hooks it back onto the desk. It’s still there in the overhead view of him at the desk. But, in the closer, front view, when he opens the ledger, the umbrella is gone.

∙ Bob makes the toast at the table during dinner. The legs of the turkey are pointed to the right, toward Mrs. Cratchit. The scene cuts to a view of Tim when he starts to speak, and the legs are pointed toward the opposite side of the table.

∙ Fred is making a toast to his Uncle Scrooge at the party. The view of everyone shows a man in a tan suit opposite the table from Fred’s wife. A man in dark green is on the opposite end of the table. It cuts to a closer view when Scrooge sniffs and the two men have changed places.

∙ Bob arrives late for work and barges in the door. The fire in the stove is lit with steam coming out of the kettle on top of it. When Scrooge tells him Merry Christmas and steps toward him, there’s no steam. In the view when he says, “merrier than any I’ve you”, there’s steam coming from the kettle. The steam is gone again when he says “business” but back in the overhead view when he’s singing.

“The Stingiest Man In Town” (1978) features the voices of Walter Matthau, Tom Bosley, Theodore Bikel, Robert Morse, Dennis Day and Paul Frees. It runs 51 minutes and is Unrated.

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