Gifted Earrings by Elaine Gan

Gifted Earrings by Elaine Gan
Gifted Earrings by Elaine Gan

earring by Elaine Gan 2019

Only 1 yard of thread is needed for these dainty earrings. Wind shuttles continuous thread method (CTM.) Only basic tatting skills are needed for this one. The joins indicated are made to base of a ring or between rings. There is only a small space of bare thread (1 mm) between rings to allow ease of joining there.

Ring A 6 - 6
Leave 1 mm between rings
Ring B 6 - 6
Leave 1 mm between rings
Ring C 6 - 6
Chain A 12, Join to Ring C
Chain B 12
Join in between Ring B and Ring C
Chain C 8, Join to Ring B

Ring D 6 - 6
Leave 1 mm between rings
Ring E 6 - 6
Chain D 12, Join to Ring E
Chain E 12
Join between Ring D and Ring E
Chain F 12, Join to Ring D
Chain G 12
Join between Ring B and Ring D
Chain H 8
Join between Ring A and Ring B
Chain I 12, Join to Ring A
Chain J 12
Join between Ring A and Ring C
Cut threads and hide ends.

earring diagram Elaine Gan

Diagram for earring.

earring by Elaine Gan 2019

I have asked Elaine for more info about her previous 8 books! She is listed on Facebook as Tatting Box. This is her FB page cover photo:

 fb cover page photo from Elaine Gan

Tatters may want to review the process of shuttle lock joins.

Step by step shuttle join basic instructions:

1. When joining to a tatted point below the horizontal line (below the line of progression,) the tatting is accomplished to the point of the proposed join.
2. Snug up the double stitches and check the correctness of the work to that point. A shuttle lock join is not easily undone.
3. If the work is correct, let the shuttle thread drop down behind the free-standing picot or other point of attachment on the previous tatting.
4. Pull a loop of the shuttle thread through the picot, slip the shuttle through this loop, but do not tighten it yet.
5. Pull on one side of the loop only, so that the new tatting is drawn up to the old tatting.
6. Next, hold both segments under the thumb while the shuttle thread gently removes the slack in the loop and tightens down.
Continue to tat.

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