Coats&Clark 138 edging 435

Coats&Clark 138 edging 435
Coats and Clark #138 Priscilla Edgings
Patterns #433, 434, 435, 436 of pgs. 22-23, 27

Many vintage patterns are in the public domain now. These four are presented courtesy of Coats and Clark, Inc.

#433 and #434 are both dainty and decorative but #436 presents a challenge to modernize into a one pass pattern. Now we will study how to make #435 in one pass.

The original booklet cover:

cover of Coats & Clark booklet #138

The original pattern page:

the original pattern page in Coats & Clark booklet #138

Here the pattern is displayed upside down from the original orientation. This is for ease of following the pattern.

the original motif #435 in Coats & Clark booklet #138

Using shuttle and ball, needle and ball, or two shuttles, this edging/insertion may be tatted in one or two colors. If you consider the four joined rings as flowerlike, then choose a blossom and a leaf color with which to tat.

The first pass begins with ring A and continues through chain G. Continue this pattern for the length desired. At the end, reverse work and lengthen chain B to curve up the other way and begin again with ring U.

order of work for the original motif #435 in Coats & Clark booklet #138

*A. R (3 - )x 6, 3 Close ring (clr), Reverse work (rw)
B. CH (3 - )x 10, 3 rw
C. R (3 - )x 9, 3 Do not reverse work (dnrw), leave no space
D. R 3 + (join to last picot of ring C) (3 - )x 8, 3 (dnrw), leave no space
E. R 3 + (join to last picot of ring C) (3 - )x 8, 3 (dnrw), leave no space
F. R 3 + (join to last picot of ring C) (3 - )x 8, 3 rw
G. CH (3 - )x 10, 3 rw
Repeat from * for length desired.

Note: Rings A do not join to any thing until the return pass.

Complete ring A then rw and begin chain B but lengthen it so that you can rw and and tat ring U for the return pass.

double stitch count for the original motif #435 in Coats & Clark booklet #138

*U. R 6 + (join to second picot of previous ring A)4 - 6 + (join to center picot of previous ring F) 4 clr rw
V. CH 3 + (join to previous chain)3 - 3 - 3 rw
W. 4 + (join to ring A) 6 - 4 + (join to center picot of ring F) 6 clr rw
X. CH 3 + (join to chain V) (3 - )x 4, 3 + (join to center picot of previous ring E)
Y. CH (3 - )x 9, 3 + (join to center picot of previous ring D)
Z. CH (3 - )x 5, 3 rw
Repeat from * across.

1. On the first pass remember that rings A, and C - F will hang loosely from your work until the return pass.
2. The joining of the chains X, Y, and Z to the rings E and D may be (shuttle) lock joins or if you are using two colors, consider using the no color blip method.
3. It may be best to use a picot gauge when tatting the many picots on this pattern.

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