Pet Sematary (1989)

Pet Sematary (1989)
Louis Creed and his family—wife, Rachel, daughter Ellie and young son, Gage—along with the family cat, Church, move to the small town of Ludlow, Massachusetts where Louis has taken a position as the new doctor. While all seems picturesque, the Creeds are warned by Jud Crandall, their next door neighbor, about the dangers of the road in front of their homes which is highly trafficked by semi-trucks. Afterwards, his first day at work is marred by the tragic death of Victor Pascow, and Louis is haunted by the man who constantly warns him about the “pet sematary” near his home. When Jud and Louis discover Church has been killed, Jud shares the secret of a place beyond the cemetery where the dead don’t stay that way for too long. Bringing back Church soon unleashes a chain of events where they realize that maybe “dead is better”. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching 1989’s “Pet Sematary”.

· The Creeds arrive at their new home. They get out the car and Ellie is shown doing a cartwheel in the yard. Her hat falls off and lands in the grass. It cuts to an overhead view of the family and Eliie is still running through the yard but her hat is on her head.

· Gage walks to the back of the family’s vehicle and says, “Hi, Church”. Church can be seen in his pet carrier and his food bowl is to his left (Gage’s right). The scene cuts to a close-up of Church and the bowl is now to the cat’s right (Gage’s left).

· CAUTION: May Contain Spoilers! Louis has gone to the cemetery to get Gage. The gravesite is covered with flowers when Louis sits down. After Pascow appears and tells him not to do it, reminding him that the ground is sour, the flowers around the grave are almost gone.

· CAUTION: May Contain Spoilers! After burying Gage at the burial ground, Louis goes home and falls into bed. The next morning, he rolls out of bed and hits his head on the table next to it. One of the pillows falls to the floor between the bed and table. Louis notices the dirty footprints and the open doctor’s bag. He gets up to look at the bag and the pillow is now back on the bed.

· CAUTION: May Contain Spoilers! Louis sits down on the floor with a deck of cards and is waiting for Rachel to come back. He’s shown placing a Jack on the floor and two other cards face side down on the floor. He stops when the door creaks open. In the overhead view when Rachel approaches, there are now several more cards on the floor and they’re face side up.

· CAUTION: May Contain Spoilers! Rachel has come back home and is walking toward Louis. In the overhead view, Louis can be seen sitting on the floor. The kitchen table has a glass, the clock Louis set down, a plate and crumbs. Louis walks over to Rachel and starts to kiss her. There is now a knife behind the glass that wasn’t there before, which she reaches for to stab him.

“Pet Sematary” (1989) based on the novel by Stephen King, stars Dale Midkiff, Fred Gwynne, Denise Crosby, Brad Greenquist, Miko Hughes, Blaze Berdahl and Michael Lombard. It runs 103 minutes and is rated R for violence and gore, and frightening and intense scenes.

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