Things to Clean in 5 Minutes or Less

Things to Clean in 5 Minutes or Less
Its a great strategy to always have things to clean in mind when you have a random 5 minutes here and there that you have that you can clean something or fix something. This article will break it down by room for you! Sometimes when you think of cleaning in only large tasks it can be intimidating - especially to manage it in small amounts of time. This is great for keeping up your house with out your house getting out of control and without you spending tons of time on it. This article is specific to Bedrooms, Closets and Drawers, Electronics, Paper Piles, and Vehicles.

You can print this article out and keep it in a place where you can refer back to it - on the fridge, in your planner, on your memo board, etc. You can also use these as "incentive" chores to get your children on task or for them to "earn" a privilege from you. Be creative!

(1) Quick pick up - gather and discard all trash and grab anything that doesn't belong in the vehicle and bring it inside.

(2) Dust or vacuum the inside, front of your vehicle

(3) Dust or vacuum the inside, rear of your vehicle

(4) Dust or vacuum the inside, middle of your vehicle if it is larger

(5) Wipe down all hard surfaces in interior of vehicle

(6) Wipe out beverage holders/ashtrays/coin receptacles

(7) Clean out from under seats - again, place things in a bin if they belong to someone. Trash the trash and put away the things that you can or are able to.


(1) Wipe down cell phones and/or landline phones (these collect so many germs!!)

(2) Clean tv and computer screens - wipe with water and a microfiber towel for an easy, fast, streak free clean!

(3) Wipe down remotes - again - so germy and dirty!!

(4) Wipe computer mouses and mouse pads


(1) Sort mail and put away correctly

(2) Recycle or donate old magazines

(3) Tackle any paper piles you have - can break this down per room, if you need to

(4) Designate and IN and an OUT spot - have a landing space for leaving and coming back. This would be a great place to keep car keys, etc.

(5) Clean out interior of wallet or purse

(6) Clean exterior of wallet or purse

(7) File any receipts or take digital copies of them


(1) Wash comforters/throws/pillows at end of season

(2) Wash mattress covers/pads

(3) Wash sheets / blanket / bedding

(4) Clean nightstand off

(5) Dust lampshades

(6) Vacuum under the bed

(7) Vacuum corners and edges of ceilings &/or floor

(8) Wipe down switch plates and door and drawer knobs

Closets and Drawers:

(1) Find things to donate

(2) Wipe down shelves

(3) Wipe out clothes basket

(4) Do a quick vacuum

(5) organize clothes by type (shirts, pants)or color or season - whatever floats your boat

(6) Toss or recycle unmatched socks

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