Thomcord and Traminette Grapes

Thomcord and Traminette Grapes
Many grape varieties are suitable for the home orchard. The following are sure to please.

Thomcord Seedless Grape

Released in 2003, Thomcord Seedless grape is a cross between the Concord and the Thompson seedless. The heat tolerant, trailing plant is self pollinating. This thrives in zones 5 through 9.

Very productive, the plants feature moderate vigor. These bear large clusters of blackish-blue grapes. The aromatic, medium sized fruits are delicious for eating fresh. The light, mildly sweet flavor combines the best of both parent grapes with a milder flavor than the Concord.

These grapes have a firmer texture than the Concord. Thomcord grapes ripen mid season in August with the Concord. The skin of these grapes is attached to the flesh.

Traminette Grape

Introduced in 1996, Traminette grape was bred at the Geneva Experiment Station in New York. This is a French type grape. The self pollinating plant is recommended for zones 5 through 8. The very vigorous vine is semi-upright. This variety was released in 1996.

Traminette grape is very productive. The plant shows some resistance to powdery mildew. These amber colored to white medium sized grapes are a late season variety, ripening from early to mid October.

With a spicy flavor, these grapes are low in acid, and are often used for high quality wines. These fruits have a very characteristic taste.

Swenson Red grape

This variety does especially well in the Upper and Middle South and also in the Northwest. However, it is pretty much suited to all grape growing regions. This was bred by Elmer Swenson in Osceola, Wisconsin and released in 1978.

Swenson Red grape is recommended for zones 3 through 8, and is hardy to -30 degrees F. with no protection. Some have reported it is hardy to -40 although it can suffer occasional winter damage.

The first couple years, this trailing plant can be slightly less vigorous than some other varieties. The plant is ideally suited to areas with short growing seasons.

The very disease resistant plant is quite productive once it reaches maturity. However, the first couple years, the fruit crops will be small.

These grapes can vary in color from deep red to blue-red, depending on growing conditions. The large to medium clusters are typically dumbbell-like to conical. This variety is early to mid season, with the fruits ripening 5 to 10 days after Concord.

Borne on long clusters, these grapes store exceptionally well. Swenson red fruits can have 2 to 3 seeds. With a thin, non slip skin, these firm, large to medium sized grapes are round. The sweet, juicy flesh is meaty.

Swenson red grapes have a delicious flavor reminiscent of cranberry. With a great aroma, the dessert quality fruits are perfect for eating fresh and for wine.

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