Going On Vacation

Going On Vacation
You schedule your vacations in advance usually. Now that you know that you know when you are scheduled to go on vacation - what can you do to prepare ahead of time so that coming home isn't such a chore? There are a few things you can do to help you coming home experience to not be as stressful.

#1 - Give your house a thorough cleaning prior to leaving on vacation
If you were lucky enough to plan ahead and know exactly when your vacation is scheduled - in advance, then it is simply a matter of scheduling and pacing yourself before your vacation to get things done. If you having an emergency and you are leaving fast - then the following tips will help you in these instances as well. I always try to wash my sheets and blankets prior to leaving. Something so refreshing about being home and cozy in my freshly laundered bed after vacation!!

#2 - Make sure all trash bins are emptied and new bags placed in.
The last thing we do as we are walking out the door, is taking our trash bags out. We are a BIG family so we usually always have trash. If you are a small family, don't take the chance that there is wet garbage in your bag - take bags and all OUT!! There is nothing worse than walking into a house that has been closed up and having to locate the smelly spot.

#3 - Make sure your garbage disposal has been run - place 2 half limes in it and let it rip.
This will help it stay stink free.

#4 - Run the dishwasher for the last time with time to leave it open.
We always prop our dishwasher slightly open so it doesn't have time to make a musty smell. Any dishes that didn't make it into the dishwasher get a hand wash and put away.

#5 - Make sure my laundry room is set to "intake" a lot of clothing upon our return.
This means the laundry room is cleaned - deeply. Washer door is propped open and dryer is closed. I have enough laundry detergent, fabric softener or dryer sheets and stain busters on hand to be able to complete mammoth laundry tasks, as needed. Double check that nothing has been left in the washer and even the laundry room trash.

#6 - try to leave a window or two slightly open so that your house doesn't get that closed in smell while you are gone. If you live in a dusty area (Nevada, Arizona, Etc) if you can't ask someone to come in and open a window and close it daily then as soon as you walk in from vacation open your windows for about 15 minutes. FRESH!!

Whatever you plan on doing for your vacation, make it better by being able to come home to a Hotel Fresh home!!

Make it a great one!

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