Pre Knee Replacement Surgery

Pre Knee Replacement Surgery
Along with picking a great orthopedic surgeon, your pre surgery is just as important as your post surgery recovery. Your recovery pre surgery will determine the success of your post recovery.

After getting a surgery date, your surgeon will give you a book to inform you all about knee replacement surgery, you will also have to attend a class to talk to the staff of the hospital where your surgery will be performed. In the book your surgeon gives you will be exercises to do pre surgery. These exercises are very important in building up muscle mass in your surgery leg.

Before surgery it is important to build up your quad muscles, along with all the muscles which support your knee.

In my case I had three important months to prepare before my surgery. This was very helpful because I was able to build up my muscles in my surgery leg. Before surgery I needed a brace and cane in order to function at work. At the time, I continued to work like there was nothing wrong with my knee. I found out later I was putting in 5000 steps a day at work alone, not to mention housework and fun activities.

Since I continued to act like nothing was wrong with my knee I pushed myself to act normal and attempted the exercises. I would continue to go up and down stairs when I felt comfortable but admit I took the elevator at work. When we went to our favorite amusement park I would take the stairs when necessary and rest also when needed.

Nine days before my surgery I walked a famous LA market and went to a famous magic house going up and down stairs. However when we checked into our hotel, which was converted apartments, I had to change to a room on the first floor.

I did have a cortisone shot in my knee before my surgery, however, this only took the edge off the pain. I also went into the local YMCA pool and walked the pool for 30 minutes, as my knee was so bad and painful I was unable to kick. After surgery I can proudly say I can kick and swim again.

Pushing yourself is key into your successful recovery, you must push through the pain and force yourself to exercise. You can find numerous videos on youtube for knee exercises in bed and in the pool. Check your local pool for yoga pool exercises. I did you one of the floaties and one of the small water balls to build up my arms too. You must be able to hold yourself up with a walker too.

Walkers are harder than you think in order to support your body as you use the walker. I tried to use weights to build up my arms, again important in your recovery.
Remember mileage may vary on your pre surgery workout and consult a physical therapist if you can and see what you can and can’t do pre surgery.

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