Lecturing to women, easier, MCC, Bangalore

Lecturing to women, easier, MCC, Bangalore
Lecturing to women instead of men, is definitely easier! I have worked for 12 years in a majority men’s college and then got the offer which has knocked my socks off. Mount Carmel’s College for Women offered me a position, as I arrived back too late from abroad, to take my regular class for the sem. in Joe’s. I wanted two weeks extra in June which did not suit my regular place as their classes began more than a week into June. Which was fine, because immediately TWO not one colleges connected. I will never change if not forced, that is my attitude.

The two colleges who connected were Mount Carmel’s and COMMITS! Wow! And they were willing to work around my timings. I guess getting a Science and Environment lecturer with a doctorate to boot, is difficult. So, happily instead of dying every single day, wasting half my day going to and fro, they offered me a great change -- 4 hours every Saturday! Wow! Exactly what my writer’s heart wanted, and the commute can kill your soul. And it fell in my lap!

Same salary of Rs 1000 an hour and no need to go every day! Wow! But I was worried. What would it be like teaching only girls? I live in a mans house with only men, they are uncomplicated and simple. I had never done working with women, in all my 12 years in Joe’s. I was slightly panicked when we reached the busy campus off Palace road, with hundreds of girls decked out in their very best and me in a simple kurta and jeans. Then I was told, it was Fresher’s Day and this kind of over dressing does not happen everyday!

Then, I was escorted by very polite young women to class and I was amazed with the classroom. Bright and airy with beautiful blinds.A pink Acacia tumbled down in all it’s floral glory, just outside the window and I was sure immediately, what my first assignment was going to be for them -- 10 native trees in the city.I know my parents would have been pleased, as I learned from the best!

The projector was state of the art. Everything was perfect, and in minutes everything was set up. Unlike Joe’s which sadly left a lot to be desired. I would have to even clean my desk in Joe’s and the overhead projector never worked properly. Comparisons are odious I agree, so ignore my complaints.

Then the girls filed in -- 50 of them in silence and sat happily waiting for it to turn 9:20am. In minutes the HOD arrived with a laptop and HTML cables and inseconds I was all set to lecture. A doctorate in academic circles carries massive weight and I was not averse to the laudatory introductions! Attendance too was easy -- just call out and mark on a sheet and no need to load on an online platform. I was told to take attendance in the second half, so there were no bunkers, but the girls definitely did not seem to want to bunk

“Maam can I get you a cup of coffee?” said a pair of bright and smiling eyes when I decided to break. “Sugarless please Bhadra,” I responded trying to get used to the new pantheon of Lakshmis and Aarshitas and surprisingly TWO Janets! I mean having someone bring me coffee from the canteen? That was unheard of unless I specifically asked earlier, which I never did.

It’s far thinking on the part of the management, to hire a skilled lecturer from the profession -- to teach journalism to non- journalists. It’s to give them a taste of a subject they would never know much about. And my subject which really focuses on teaching sustainability in all aspects of life. I mean already there is talk of Chennai going dry with no fresh water and Bangalore being the next. If we don’t sensitise ourselves about what’s in store for us, if we don’t make decisive changes, we are headed for disaster.

Plus, these students are going to be tomorrow’s mothers and women of the house, who make decisions on how a house is run. Educating 50 - 60 women has been my dream, ‘cause I know whatever I educate them on will get implemented. Especially for me top of the hope chain is RWH ( rain water harvesting) and wet waste composting. The only way to keep our cities clean, is, if we make a few changes in the way we handle our lives. Harvest fresh rain water, purer than any water supplied to us and compost our own wet waste into black gold, to feed our gardens. Educated people don’t want the change and demand more from a government who is reeling with unmanageable waste quantities. How hard is it to try and help ourselves?

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