My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady
Eliza Doolittle, the unrefined local flower girl, spends her days selling flowers to those she encounters on the streets. She happens upon Henry Higgins one evening who happens to be a phonetics professor. With some enticement by Colonel Hugh Pickering, Henry takes a wager to transform Eliza and pass her off as a sophisticated member of society. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “My Fair Lady”.

· At the beginning of the movie, people are leaving the Opera House. There is a close-up of a lady wearing a pink dress with purple coat along with a man wearing a top hat and jacket, getting into one of the vehicles. A few moments later, when it starts to rain and umbrellas are being opened, the same man and woman can be seen outside to the left of the crowd.

· Henry Higgins tells Mrs. Pearce to take Eliza to the kitchen and clean her up. In the farther view of everyone in the room, Eliza is shown with her hands down, near her lap. It cuts to a close-up of Eliza when Henry mentions burning her clothes and her left hand reaches up, near her neck. It cuts to a different view, when he mentions wrapping her in brown paper, and Eliza’s hand is down.

· Later in the scene, there is a close-up of Eliza and Henry when she starts to yell, “’’aye” and nudges him with her elbow. He tells her to sit down and points with his right hand toward the chair. It cuts to a wider view and he’s pointing with his left hand.

· Also during this scene, as they walk out of the library to the stairway, Henry is on the stairs with both hands on the bannister as Pickering is talking. It cuts to a closer view of Henry when he scoffs and it’s only his left hand on the bannister.

· In the “cup of tea” scene, the wider view of Pickering shows him take a sip of tea and place the cup on the saucer as Henry is talking. It cuts to a close-up of him and Pickering is putting the cup down again.

· During the “I Could Have Danced All Night” scene, two of the maids are trying to put a nightshirt over Eliza’s head that’s fastened with a yellow ribbon in the front and on the sleeves, at the wrist. The right sleeve is fastened but the left one is untied. Eliza goes into the bathroom and the left sleeve is still untied. It stays that way throughout the scene but when she exits the bathroom, the left sleeve is tied.

· After the ball, Henry is sitting in the chair, smoking his cigar, as he’s taking off his shoes. As he’s singing, Henry waves his right hand which is holding his cigar. It cuts to a different angle when he sings the “give credit where it’s due” line and the cigar is in his left hand. The scene cuts back to the original view and he’s holding his shoes in his left hand and the cigar is back in his right.

“My Fair Lady” (1964) stars Audrey Hepburn, Rex Harrison, Stanley Holloway, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Gladys Cooper, Jeremy Brett, Theodore Bikel and Mona Washbourne. It runs 170 minutes and is rated G.

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