Constipation after knee replacement surgery

Constipation after  knee replacement surgery
Constipation after knee replacement surgery

You attended the orientation seminar and found out the most common reason for ending up in the ER is constipation.No, it isn’t a joke. Considering all the heavy duty medication you are given for your knee replacement surgery this is a serious problem.

Being backed up can slow you down, impede your physical progress and your recovery. There are numerous ways to open you up.

No doubt your surgeon prescribed some medication to help you in this area, but everyone is different and may not work. Here are just a few suggestions:

1.Diet tea. It is made to help get rid of water waste in your body. It can also help to get your bowels moving as noted on the packaging. Be sure to follow the directions and don’t over do it, as they will prevent further problems. This tea worked fast,so be sure to have a bathroom close by.

2. Prune juice. Yes the old standby may work for you. Make a cocktail of prune and orange juice.It may help to loosen you up. This may take time to work. Be sure to do this at home.

3. Drink a lot more water. Water helps to keep your bowels moving. Try sparkling or carbonated water to rehydrate your G.I. tract. Do not over hydrate and get yourself sick.

4. Eat more fiber, the good kind You need water soluble fiber your body will flush out of your system. Use wheat bran, vegetables and whole grains. These will bulk up your stools and force them out of your body. This may take time and don’t overload as the shock to relieve yourself may make things worse.

5. Exercise more.In your recovery you will be doing physical therapy. It would be a good idea to slowly introduce your new knee to normal routines. Grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning to get your insides moving and to help with your constipation

6.Drink coffee, caffeinated. Caffeine stimulates the colon and might help to bring some much needed relief. But don’t do it if will keep you up at night. Sleep is important in your recovery as your body heals.

7. Take Magnesium citrate. This can be found in most drug stores as a supplement. Your body absorbs what it needs and flushes the rest out, leaving your colon empty. Please follow the package directions and your pharmacist.

8. Probiotics are good to help you colon. Helping to create a helpful balance and help keep your colon healthy. Yogurt is also good to help get your colon moving. Try some yogurt in the morning and see if it helps.

9. Over the counter stool softeners can be a last resort when you’ve tried everything else. Talk to your pharmacists as these can be harsh on your colon and sometimes take time to work. Also be sure to follow package directions and be close to a bathroom.

10.A glucomannan supplement may also work as it is a prebiotic and helps with your colon. Again this can be found in a drug store. Be sure to consult with your pharmacist on the dosage. Please do this at home where you are comfortable and near a bathroom.

But if these things don’t work, don’t hesitate to contact your surgeon, since they are familiar with this problem. Don’t be afraid to ask and talk about this problem. Your surgeon may be able to change your medications so it won’t be so hard on your colon.


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