Oval Doily APL BYSO88 end

Oval Doily APL BYSO88 end
I mentioned in the weekly newsletter on Aug. 8, 2019, that I was translating a pattern from the German which was posted by the Antique Pattern Library July 2019. It is labeled "An Oval Tatted Doily." This is a lovely pattern. It is presented in four pieces. Here is a half diagram which I have stitched together to give you an idea of the size and shape.

 full oval tatted doily BYSO88 Antique Pattern Library

Those of you who examine the original patterns first before tatting will notice that this translation uses 5 of the original diagrams as provided. These also had the ds count marked on them. However, four small diagrams are left out. These four were given only to illustrate the place or method of joining. From the top left of the page, the first small diagram points out that the three rings on the inner side are intended to be joined across for the first and third one but the middle ring has an opposing ring to which to join. The extra ring gives more width to the initial oval shape.

The top right small diagram merely shows the join of a self-closing mock ring. On the middle right side, there are two diagrams illustrating up joins.

The directions for parts 1-3 are posted here:

part 4 oval tatted doily BYSO88 Antique Pattern Library

This is the start of part 4 which attaches to the previous round indicated with dotted lines in the diagram. I suggest that you start at the pointed end of the oval and attach to the previous round at the middle ring of the set of 3 rings. The larger ring which is surrounded by another may be worked as a ring surrounded by a chain or as an onion ring using the special onion ring join.

diagram of onion ring or ball thread type join by AKTATTER from the files of the Online Tatting Class

Using two shuttles or shuttle or needle and ball thread, begin with ring.
R 8 + (join to middle ring of trefoil of previous round) 8 clr rw.
R 8 - (picot large enough for another join)8 clr rw CH 8 rw.
R 8 + (join to previous ring) 8 clr rw CH 3 rw.
R 8 - 8 clr rw CH 10 rw

*Larger ring 15 - 15 clr dnrw slightly rotate to the right for ease of working and begin to surround ring with a chain.
CH 6 - 3 - 3 - 3 + (join to last ring of the trefoil) 3 + (join to inner ring) 3 + (join to ring of the next set of rings, the pair) 3 - 3 - 3 - 6 rw
CH 10 rw
R 8 - 8 clr rw CH 10 rw
Note: the previous section has a lot of places to rw or dnrw. Look at the curve of the chain, this section curves like a dipper. This indicates rw. The following section has the chain curving downward like a rainbow which indicates dnrw.

R 8 - 8 clr (this picot needs to be large enough for two more joins) dnrw
CH 8 + (join to second ring of previous pair) cont chain 2 dnrw
R 8 + (join to same picot)8 clr dnrw chain 2 + (join to first ring of the next pair) chain 8
R 8 + (join to same picot of previous ring) 8 clr rw.
Note the chain begins to curve the opposite way now.
CH 10 dnrw. R 8 - 8 clr rw CH 10 rw.

Repeat from the * around.

Let the dashed line indicating the centerline be your guide in attaching for the last part.

part 4 oval tatted doily BYSO88 Antique Pattern Library

R 10 - 10 clr dnrw CH 6 rw
**R 8 + (join to the single ring which faces outward from part 3; first join to this ring) 8 clr rw. CH 12
R 10 + (join to first ring this row) 10 clr rw. R 10 - 10 clr rw
CH 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 dnrw.
R 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 clr rw. R 10 + (join to adjacent ring) 10 clr rw. CH 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 dnrw.
R 10 + (join to adjacent ring; this is the second join to the same picot) 10 clr rw.
R 10 - 10 clr dnrw CH 12 dnrw
R 8 + (join to ring previous round; second and last join to this ring) 8 clr dnrw. CH 6 rw R 10 + (join to adjacent ring) clr rw. CH 6 rw. Repeat from **

part 5 oval tatted doily BYSO88 Antique Pattern Library

If at any time your chain seems to be bending the wrong way, go back to the last rw or dnrw and change it.

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Oval Doily APL BYSO88 This was originally in German and was posted by the Antique Pattern Library July 2019. It is labeled "An Oval Tatted Doily." No author noted.


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