Edging in 3 rows Maria Haase 1931

Edging in 3 rows Maria Haase 1931

Edging in 3 Rows Marie Haase 1931

In the pages of the Needlecraft Magazine 1931 Oct. pg. 31 Vol. XXIII No. 2 I found a set of three edgings designed by Marie Haase. As seen in the photo each of them was sewn to a header of fabric. This makes it easy to reuse the lace and sew it more easily to clothing, too. This one looks rather like a line of cheer leaders shaking their pom poms above their heads.

illustration with ds count and order of work marked for Needlecraft Magazine 1931 Oct. pg. 31 Vol. XXIII No. 2 third of three edgings designed by Marie Haase

It is tatted in three rows with the first row being a repeating ring and chain pattern. The chains in all rows use the "down join." Again it is very important that the picots maintain regularity in length as with her earlier patterns.

illustration from the Jones book

Begin with two shuttles or shuttle/needle and ball thread. In the illustration for pattern 3 it shows that the original row 1 was made with two colors of thread, the chains appearing lighter in color than the rings. Note also that the 4th or middle picot of the ring is used for two joins later. This gives the negative space in the picot a triangular look when finished. A similar triangular effect is made where row 3 chain K joins to picot of row 2 chain Z pulling it downward away from row 1 chain C. A very clever way to add interest to the easy to make edging.

Row 1 Ring A indicates that we should make the ring with 5 ds - 5 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 3 close ring (clr) Please study the diagram noting the ds count indications. Following the directions as written will mean that we are looking at the back of the work instead of the front. Does that matter? Not sure... Usually we tat what we see.

So, the directions are written to match the illustration. All the ds counts are the same and all the structural elements are the same but it will finish up with the front side up look on both rings and chains.

Row 1 *Ring A 3 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 5 - 5 clr do not reverse work (dnrw)

rotate ring slightly and begin chain going up the left side of the ring

CH 4 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 4 + (down join to upper leg middle picot of ring), ch 8 dnrw

Repeat from * for length desired.

Row 2 attach thread for chain to the lower leg of a previously joined picot on row 1

**CH 5 - 5 + (down join to bottom of next ring from row 1), ch 7 - 3 + (down join to side picot of same ring), ch 3 - 7 + (down join to lower leg middle picot of ring)

Repeat from ** across.

Row 3 attach thread to picot of chain Z

***CH 5 + (down join to picot of row 2) 4 - 3 - 4 + (down join to picot of row 2), 5 + (down join to picot on next chain Z),

Repeat from *** across.)

Attach to fabric by the picots from chain W and X.

Fast and easy edging to decorate almost anything! Enjoy!

Note: the original pattern may be found at:


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