6 Wrap Sandwich Ideas with Variations

6 Wrap Sandwich Ideas with Variations
There are a variety of foods to use to wrap sandwiches. The old favorite is a flour tortilla. This also has variations. There are whole wheat, low-carb, and flavored varieties. Some varieties are colored differently by their ingredients for a dramatic wrap. Tomato colors a wrap a reddish orange. Spinach is a bright green. Herbs flavor and color a wrap a light green. You can also use a fresh, warm corn tortilla for a smaller wrap. Tortilla type wraps also come in gluten free varieties. They look like tortillas, but they are highly processed foods that replace wheat flour with other ingredients. Rice paper is a thin wrap, and it is good for light fillings. If you have time to make it, fry bread is a great way to wrap. I’ve included a recipe in the related links.

Vegetable leaves make good wraps. Make sure that they are thoroughly rinsed and dried. Veggie leaves are raw foods that have vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Veggie wraps need to be flexible and tender. Iceberg lettuce cups have a slight crunch. I love Romaine leaves. They bend easily. You can spread the filling along the whole leaf and fold it in half like a taco. A warm bean dip with refried beans, cheese, and salsa is especially tasty this way. Plus, it is a lower carb choice that has good nutritional value. Other good lettuce choices include butter lettuce and red leaf lettuce. Baby bok choi makes a tasty wrap, especially for Asian themed fillings. Young collard greens make an excellent wrap. Kale and Savoy cabbage are also good choices. These three nutrition packed greens are larger than the aforementioned leaves and tough enough to hold a heavy filling. Shave the center rib down to make them more flexible. If you want the kale or collards to be a bright green, dip them into boiling water, and then plunge the leaf into ice water. Swiss chard is another great wrap. Remove the tougher center rib. Don’t throw it away! Put that chard rib in your freezer soup broth bag, where your veggie trimmings go until you are ready to make fresh broth.

Use your favorite wrap with any of these delicious fillings! There are ideas below for vegetarian wraps and wraps for meat eaters.

6 Wrap Sandwich Ideas

Vegetarian Filling Ideas

*Spread a thin layer of peanut butter or almond butter on half of your wrap material. Use sunflower butter if you have a nut allergy, or you can skip this part. Layer an Asian Cabbage filling on your wrap. (See the related links below for a recipe.) Roll it up.

*Mash a ripe avocado in a small bowl and stir in 2 coarsely grated hard-boiled eggs, minced celery and sweet onion, plus some sweet pickle relish. Spread it on the wrap, and then add shredded lettuce. Roll your wrap.

*Coarsely grate cucumber. If the peel is tasty, leave it on. Bitter peel should be removed. Squeeze the liquid out of the cucumber. In a small bowl, add the cucumber, a bit of chopped sweet onion, chopped tomatoes, sliced Kalamata olives, and feta cheese crumbles. Dress this mixture with balsamic vingaigrette, ranch dressing, or green goddess dressing. Roll the mixture up into your choice of wrap.

Meat Filling Ideas

*Mayonnaise based salad fillings include tuna, salmon, turkey, chicken and ham. Drain any liquid, if you are using a canned meat. Mix the finely chopped meat with a small amount of mayonnaise, chopped hard-boiled egg, minced celery and sweet onion, plus some sweet pickle relish. Add the ingredients to your taste.

*Finely chop tomatoes and add them to chopped lettuce. Add mayonnaise to taste, and then stir in bacon bits to this mixture. Wrap your BLT special up!

*Use ground beef, pork, chicken, or turkey to make your favorite taco filling. If you don’t have a favorite, you can use the chicken chili recipe in the related links. Put the cooked taco meat into the wrap. Add chopped tomatoes, lettuce, fresh sweet onion, and cilantro. Sprinkle a little cheese on it, and drizzle the whole thing with your favorite salsa before you wrap it. Have salsa on the side for your dipping pleasure.

After you work your way through these ideas, build your own special wraps. Wrap your favorite meat dish. Turn leftover veggies or beans into a wrap sandwich. Salads work well in wraps. You can wrap almost anything! Use your imagination and creativity to make delicious wraps for sandwich meals.

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