30 Days Of Night

30 Days Of Night
Each year most people leave Barrow, Alaska, leaving only a few residents behind, as the small town is plunged into thirty days of darkness where they’re cut off from the outside world. Sheriff Eben Oleson stays behind in Barrow, along with his brother, Jake, grandmother, a handful of locals, and ex-girlfriend, Stella, who misses her flight. Eben begins investigating malicious occurrences in the town that start happening with the arrival of a mysterious stranger. He soon realizes the stranger wasn’t alone, but brought blood thirsty vampires with him, who’ll have thirty days of free reign over the town before daylight comes again. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “30 Days of Night”.

· After Eben checks out the scene with the murdered dogs, he heads back to the police station where his brother, Jake, is playing a boardgame. Eben walks in and takes off his stocking hat. Their grandmother mentions, “try your brother”, and the close-up of Eben shows his hair is sticking up in the back. His hair is still that way when he tells Jake he can’t play the game. Eben turns when his grandmother mentions, “while you were busy with John Riis”, and the close-up shows his hair is flat against his head.

· Eben shoots the stranger in his left arm when he suddenly grabs Jake through the jail cell bars. In the close-up of the stranger, after Eben yells for the first aid kit, it shows a circular wound with two streaks on the arm of his gray shirt. It cuts to a farther view as Eben walks in the cell and the blood stain on his shirt is much larter.

· CAUTION: May Contain Spoilers! Marlow, the lead vampire, is talking to the others after he’s killed Beau Brower. He slowly turns toward them as he says, “we were only bad dreams”, and a line of blood flows from his left temple, down the side of his face a few inches. Marlow says, “we cannot give them reason to suspect…”, and the blood is not there. It’s back when he says, “Destroy them all”.

“30 Days of Night” (2007) stars Josh Hartnett, Melissa George, Danny Huston, Ben Foster, Mark Boone Junior, Mark Rendall, Amber Sainsbury, Manu Bennett, and Megan Franich. It runs 113 minutes and is rated R for strong horror violence and language.

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