Meaning of Some Garden Flowers

Meaning of Some Garden Flowers
In the Language of Flowers, each type of blossom has been awarded a meaning. Some details for certain garden flowers follow.

Poppy Blossoms

Poppies express various sentiments, most of which are positive. Among these are wealth, success, consolation, pleasure, sleep, dreams, and rest. Some Christians associate poppies with the Passion of Christ and the Eucharist.

Other meanings have been assigned to specific colors of poppies. White poppies stand for deep dreams and a restful heart.

Yellow poppies represent wealth, success, and imagination.
Red poppies signify pleasure, erotic love, consolation, and forgetfulness.

Nasturtium Blossoms

Nasturtium flowers represent victory in battle, patriotism, conquest, and jesting.


Carnation flowers express many admirable qualities. These include betrothal, marriage, pledge of love, innocence, remembrance, fond memories, and undying love. In addition, these can mean capriciousness.

The meaning of a carnation can vary slightly according to the color. Pink carnations stand for a mother’s love, love in general, gratitude, and remembrance.

White carnations represent remembrance, but they can also mean disdain.
Yellow carnations stand for cheerfulness.
A striped carnation expresses loss of love and refusal.

Red carnations represent love, bravery, friendship, pride, and flamboyance. Purple carnations stand for whimsy and changeability.


Pansy flowers express a number of qualities. These include tender loving thoughts of others, and loyalty.

Iris Blossoms

These flowers represent inspiration, wisdom, valued friendship, hope, and passionate love. They are also seen as a symbol of the Virgin Mary. This flower can also stand for sadness and sorrow.

Bachelor’s Button Flowers

Also known as cornflower, these blossoms stand for anticipation, hope, blessedness, solitude, and celibacy. They are considered to be a symbol of Christ and are associated with the Garden of Eden.

Lavender Blossoms

Until I began checking on the Language of Flowers, I had no idea that lavender for the most part is said to express negative values. It stands for distrust. Yet at the same time, lavender was beloved by the Virgin Mary and is also seen as a symbol of virtue, purity, constancy, and silence.

Mint Blossoms

Mint flowers in general represent positive attributes, such as wisdom, virtue, warm feelings, and protection from illness. In addition, peppermint expresses cordiality.

Heather Blossoms

The meaning of heather flowers differs according to the flower color. Red ones express passion. White ones mean good luck and wishes that will come true, solitude, and reluctance to commit irrational acts.

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