Examples of Flower Meanings

Examples of Flower Meanings
The Language of Flowers assigns meanings to various flowers and plants. Here are some examples.

As a general rule, red and pink blossoms will always signify love and romance. That is especially true for red or pink roses and red or pink tulips.

Orchid blossoms signify various positive values, such as love, strength, refined or delicate beauty. In ancient Greece, orchids were associated with virility.

Petunia flowers can give a mixed message. These express comfort, and a soothing presence. But, they can also mean anger, resentment, and despair.

Buttercups can represent prosperity, riches and wealth. However, they can also express childishness and ingratitude.

Forget me nots represent sincere true love, fond memories, and especially remembrance.

Anthuriums express intense attraction while gerberas stand for purity.

Coreopsis flowers stand for cheerfulness and love at first sight.

Bellflowers represent gratitude, a happy life and a happy marriage.

Columbine blossoms convey both negative and positive aspects. They represent wisdom, strength, resolution, respect, and undying love.

The exotic looking bird of paradise express anticipation, exuberance, and excitement.

Delphiniums has a message of light, swiftness, and boldness.

Water lily signifies perfect beauty, simplicity, purity of heart, and absolute truth.

Zinnia flowers send a message of friendship, companionship, devotion, and fond thoughts. White zinnias stand for affection and goodness. Red ones mean constancy.

The four leaf clover expresses good luck and good fortune. The four leaves of this plant stand for love, hope, luck, and faith. White flowered clover brings thoughts of loved ones. The red flowered clover represents industriousness.

Primrose blossoms signify youth, hope, happiness, and satisfaction. This can also stand for frivolity and inconstancy.

Hollyhock blossoms stand for abundance, fruitfulness, and ambition.

Sunflowers express adoration, warmth, power, devotion, faithfulness, and haughtiness.

Stock stands for lasting beauty and happiness. Thistles signify austerity, sternness. This can also mean retaliation and misanthrope.

Phlox represents the union of two hearts in true love.

The oak geranium represents true friendship. Scarlet geranium means comfort and melancholy.

Hellebore blossoms express the wishes for a bountiful year, tranquility from anxiety and freedom from slander.

Daisies represent beauty, purity, simplicity, and especially innocence, love that conquers all, faith, and cheerfulness.

Violets express love, modesty, chastity, faithfulness, thoughts of a loved one, humility, affection, fidelity, and happiness.

Vervain is associated with love and represents the goddess of love. This also expresses sensibility, enchantment, and prophecy.

The pot marigold stands for grace, true and ardent love, and a sunny disposition. The French marigold represents grief, desire for riches, disdain, and jealousy.

Lotus blossoms signify enlightenment, estranged love, and forgetfulness. Blue lotus stands for enlightenment, rebirth, and elegance.

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