The People Under The Stairs

The People Under The Stairs
Fool and his family are about to be evicted from their home when Leroy convinces him to help with a burglary of gold coins at their landlord’s home. A simple burglary turns into murder when they find out there are more than gold coins hidden in the house. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “The People Under the Stairs”.

· Leroy grabs Fool and has him pushed against the refrigerator. Leroy’s left hand is holding onto the front of Fool’s shirt. He turns to Fool when he says, “you listen up…”, and he’s still holding onto the shirt with his left hand. He’s also pointing in Fool’s face with his right hand. Fool grabs Leroy’s right hand with both of his hands. The view switches to a front view of Fool, over Leroy’s right shoulder, and it’s Leroy’s right hand that’s holding Fool’s shirt.

· Alice puts on the dress that her mother made for her. Her mother helps her put it on but, as Alice sits on the bed, it’s disheveled where she hasn’t buttoned it in the back. A few moments later, when she is looking for the fork, the dress is buttoned and neatly tied with a bow in the back.

· Leroy and Fool are outside the house. They look in the windows on the side door and there is only a little bit of dirt/dust on the glass panes. Leroy knocks one glass pane out and opens the door. From the inside looking out, there are now branches with leaves on the lower panes.

· Alice’s mother and father are trying to find her in the house. They’re searching the kitchen, and in the closer view, when the woman says, “She doesn’t have a key. She’s still in here,” she starts opening the cabinets. She opens the last cabinet door and leaves it open. The woman then closes the door on the next cabinet and proceeds to leave the next one open. It cuts to a wider view of her and the man and the three cabinet doors are open.

· Fool is holding the dad at gunpoint at the cellar door when the man flips the switch on the steps, sending Fool falling down to the floor. At the beginning, Fool is wearing the green shirt he’d been wearing in the house. It cuts to the dad and then a view of Fool tumbling and he’s wearing the striped shirt h had on at the beginning of the movie when he first went into the house. He’s shown landing on the floor and he’s wearing his green shirt again.

· The dad sees the lit candles with the coins. In the close-up view, the tallest candle’s top coin falls off with about an inch of candle before the next coin falls. He walks over for a closer view and the same coin falls off the candle again.

“The People Under the Stairs” (1991) stars Brandon Quintin Adams, Everett McGill, Wendy Robie, A.J. Langer, Ving Rhames, Sean Whalen, Bill Cobbs and Kelly Jo Minter. It runs 102 minutes and is rated R for terror/violence.

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