Taking care of yourself during Covid

Taking care of yourself during Covid
Taking care of yourself during Covid

So you've been in self isolation for the last six months, you've been very careful to limit your contact with other people. Why do you ask? Because of having Diabetes you are in a high risk group.

With Covid numbers spiking again with no vaccine in sight, what can you do? First off you can get a flu shot. Yes a flu shot will help protect you in the normal flu season. Every little bit helps.

Wearing your mask every time you step outside. Yes going to the grocery store, getting your car washed and even your hair done. As a person can only take so much self isolation and need the human contact.

If you can try to have some contact with a small circle of people, be it relatives or friends. Be sure to check to see your friends Covid exposure and start small by meeting in a outdoor public place a good six feet apart.
Yes it is doable and time consuming but will do wonders for your mental health. Zoom and skype can only take you so far.

Also if needed contact a mental professional if you feel you are in a downward spiral of depression. Depression is real at this time as the world as we know it, is upside down and sideways. Your mental health is a number one priority to maintain good health.

Please try to follow your normal routine and be sure to get outside to walk, be it early in the morning or in the evening. Walking will help keep you in a good state of mind, along with the exercise.

Eat well and be sure to check your blood glucose numbers, also if possible be sure to keep getting your normal blood work done and seeing your doctor. Any normalcy can help your mental health.

Think positive. Covid will run its course and we will return back to normalcy. If you look at history after the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, things returned to normal as people built up immunities and societies returned to normal.

Stress is dangerous for diabetics, as your blood glucose numbers can go up the more stress you are under. Exercise and mental health are key to maintain your A1C.

A good exercise to help relieve your stress is yoga. You should be able to find videos on youtube and many other sources. Try to find time to meditate or a hobby which relaxes you.

Small steps can bring big results in these trying times.

Don’t guess, TEST!

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