Cape Fear (1991)

Cape Fear (1991)
It’s been fourteen years since Sam Bowden defended Max Cady for assaulting a young girl, resulting in Cady being sent to prison. Now that he’s been released, Cady is bent on revenge with his sites set on Sam, his family and anyone else who stands in his way. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching 1991’s “Cape Fear”.

· Cady grabs the keys from Sam’s car. In the view of Sam in the car, from behind Cady’s left shoulder, Sam asks, “Have you been following me?”, and Cady’s right hand is against the car. He proceeds to drop his hand. It cuts to a view inside the car looking out and Cady’s hand is against the car and he drops it again.

· Lori is talking to Cady in the bar. The button at the top of her shirt is unbuttoned. She makes the “particular married guy” comment and is shown unbuttoning the top button. It cuts to a close-up of her when she makes the “busload of them” comment and the top button is buttoned again. A few moments later when she says, “the rat stood me up today”, and it’s unbuttoned.

· Leigh and Sam are arguing in their bedroom. She lights a cigarette and a close-up, rear view shows she’s wearing her gold hoop earring in her right ear. It’s in her ear throughout the scene, but, when she says, “I don’t remember doing any acting,” the earring is gone. It’s back when she says she’s “not the one on trial here” but the earring is gone again a few moments later.

· Cady is talking to Danielle at school. He leans in toward Danielle’s left. It cuts to a rear view of Danielle, and Cady is leaning in the opposite direction, toward her right. The scene switches back to the original view and Cady is leaning back to Danielle’s left.

· Sam is questioning Danielle what happened with her and Cady. Sam’s right hand is over Danielle’s mouth with his fingers on her left cheek. It cuts to a close-up of Sam and it’s his left hand that’s across her mouth, with the fingers in the opposite direction.

· Sam, Leigh and Danielle are on the boat. Sam is shown tossing the anchor that’s on a silver chain into the water. A while later, when the squall hits, Sam goes to check the anchor, which is now on a rope.

“Cape Fear” (1991) stars Robert DeNiro, Nick Nolte, Jessica Lange, Juliette Lewis, Joe Don Baker, Robert Mitchum, Gregory Peck, Martin Balsam, and Illeana Douglas. It runs 128 minutes and is rated R for strong violence and language.

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