Potatoes for All Regions

Potatoes for All Regions
Certain potato varieties are well suited to both the North and the South. These include Caribe potato and Russet Norkotah potato.

Caribe Potatoes

Easy to grow, Caribe potato is widely adapted to most areas and growing conditions. It was released by AgCanada in 1984. The open pollinated plant is an early variety, maturing in 65 days. It is one of the earliest varieties.

These are medium sized, very reliable plants. They bear blue-purple blossoms. The uniform tubers are generally small. They’re typically round to oblong. However, at times, they have also been very large.

Caribe potato is a particularly lovely color, a deep purple to a blue or lavender purple. The crisp flesh is white. These potatoes are excellent fried, baked, boiled, or mashed. They are also ideal for new potatoes.

The creamy white flesh is tender with a medium dry texture. This has an excellent flavor.

Caribe potato provides a high yield. These potatoes store well. However, during storage the skin can lose some of its purple color.

This potato plant is resistant to common scab.

Russet Norkotah Potato

Russet Norkotah potato is one of the few potato varieties that do well in both the North and South. This variety was bred by Dr. Robert Johnson of Bison, North Dakota. Russet Norkotah potato was introduced in 1987 by North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station in Fargo, North Dakota and USDA ARS.

This is a classic early to mid-season variety, 70 to 85 days or so. It has become a standard by which big baking potatoes are now measured.

Russian Norkotah is now considered a classic white russet large potato. It stores amazingly well, for seven to nine months or so.

This potato is long and flat with a uniform shape. The dark skin is russeted, which is where russet potatoes get their name. The skin is very smooth.

The tubers are mostly large U.S. No. 1 size although a few can be medium sized. They’re long to oblong. This is a very high quality potato and is ideal for baking.

However, in fact, Russet Norkotah is pretty much all purpose. It is great for chips, boiling, frying, soups, casseroles, French fries, broiling, roasting, grilling, and scalloped.

The white flesh can become slightly discolored after cooking. This potato has a particularly rich flavor. Russet Norkotah potato has a very good yield.

The medium sized plants are mostly upright. It is resistant to common scab, hollow heart, and Columbia root-knot nematode. The plant is prone to most potato viruses, early and late blight, and verticillium wilt.

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