New Poinsettias for 2021

New Poinsettias for 2021
Christmas would hardly be complete without poinsettias. Normally, there would be poinsettia open houses at greenhouses around the country where consumers could see the new varieties.

Due to the pandemic, these are pretty much non-existent for 2021. I only found two events listed online So, here is a brief run down on some of the most outstanding new poinsettia varieties for 2021.

Biancaneve Poinsettia

Biancaneva poinsettia from Syngenta features very large pure clean white bracts. In trials, this plant was described as being incredible.

The bracts are quite large and very showy and cover the top of the plant. They’re so richly textured that these appear puckered.

The youngest bracts can have a slightly creamy hue for a short time, but quickly mature to a lovely white. The v-shaped plant has sturdy thick stems and is moderately vigorous.

Robyn Pink Poinsettia

Robyn Pink poinsettia is a sport of Robyn Red. The uniform branching, moderately vigorous plant has strong stems. It has a compact growth habit. The smooth bracts are the color of pink lipstick and cover the top of the plant. This was released by Beekenkamp.

Pure White Poinsettia

This variety was released by Rhinehart. The name pretty much describes this appealing white variety.

The bracts are so showy, and this means the plants really stand out from the crowd. The v-shaped plants are relatively vigorous and are recommended for

Candy Cane Poinsettia

Candy Cane poinsettia from Dummen Orange is one of my favorites among the new varieties. The red bracts are richly sprinkled with flecks and blotches of white in a very random pattern. This is one poinsettia I would like to keep blooming long after Christmas is over.

New Red Poinsettias

Those gardeners preferring red poinsettias can choose from quite a few gorgeous traditional red ones. The ones with the most catchy names are bound to be Christmas Magic Red poinsettia and Christmas Mouse poinsettia.
Both of these are Selecta varieties. Christmas Magic Red is a great classic red poinsettia.

Christmas Mouse poinsettia is outstanding because the bract have rounded edges that are unlike most other poinsettias with pointed ones. This is a unique variety that I hope becomes a classic for years to come.

Other new reds include Toro Red (Syngenta) poinsettia and Prestigious Red poinsettia (Dummen Orange). The latter is part of the Prestige series. It features large sharply colored bracts. Imperial poinsettia from Dummen Orange is also new. It has very strong stems.

Other New Poinsettias

Orange Glow poinsettia from Selecta is the very first orange variety. The upright plant has very large showy bracts. The color really stands out well especially when it is surrounded by red poinsettias.

Early Polly’s Pink poinsettia is an extremely deep pink one from Dummen Orange.

Superba Marble poinsettia is an early to mid season variety. The gorgeous bracts are largely cream with generous blotches of pink mostly along the centers of the bracts. This is another variety I would like to see blooming into spring because it is just spectacular.

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