Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas

Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas
Three holiday tales tell the story of 'Donald Duck - Stuck on Christmas' where Donald's mischievous nephews find themselves reliving Christmas day over and over. Goofy tries to help his son find the spirit of Christmas in "A Very Goofy Christmas" while Mickey and Minnie learn the value of selflessness in "Mickey and Minnie's Gift of the Magi". Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching "Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas".

· The round decorations on the wreath on Donald Duck's door are red, yellow and blue when the boys open the door. When Daisy calls Donald under the mistletoe, there are just a few red decorations on the wreath. The decorations on the wreath are red and blue when the boys knock Donald over as they run out.

· Daisy puts the turkey on the table. Bread and mashed potatoes can be seen on the table in front of Donald. When Daisy asks Donald, "Would you like to carve?", there is now a bowl of green beans in front of him. Donald gets after the boys about their manners and one is holding corn on the cob which wasn't on the table before. On the second day of Christmas, the corn is on the table in front of Donald which wasn't there before.

· The boys throw a water balloon at the chipmunks next door. The chipmunks throw one back through the window that is half open. The window is still half open when one says "Yesterday's today..." line but it's closed when the others grab him.

· At dinner, when the turkey gets loose, an overhead view of the table shows a plate of corn to Donald's right. A moment later, when he turns red from anger, a front view shows it's a bowl of carrots to his right. When the turkey jumps over him, it's mashed potatoes and gravy in the spot to his right.

· Goofy looks across at CEO Shorts when the letter flies through the air. There are huge Christmas ornaments hanging from the ceiling--a pink and green one in front of him. Goofy grabs the pink one so he can swing across. From the ground looking up, there are no other Christmas ornaments hanging down.

· Goofy grabs the letter at CEO Shorts and the front of the envelope has "Santa Claus, North Pole" written on it along with a stamp. When Goofy hands the letter to the mailman, the stamp is still there but there is no writing on the envelope.

· Goofy and his son put an angel ornament, Santa and an ornament with three presents on the tree. A few moments later, when they plug up the lights, the ornaments are gone.

· Mickey arrives home with the Christmas tree. In the close-up, as he's wiping off his harmonica, there are noticeable designs on top. But, in the front view of Mickey, before and after, the design is not there.

· Pete is putting together a Christmas tree on a wooden board and sprays it with the can he's holding. Mickey comes along and says, "Merry Christmas". In the wider view, when Pete tells him to get to work, the tree he'd been working on is no longer there.

"Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas" (1999)features the voices of Kelsey Grammer, Wayne Allwine, Russi Taylor, Tony Anselmo, Diane Michelle, Tress MacNeille, Alan Young, Bill Farmer and Corey Burton. It runs 66 minutes and is Unrated.

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