Little Women (1933)

Little Women (1933)
Jo, Beth, Amy and Meg March are close sisters who live with their mother, Marmee, struggling to do their part while their father is away during the days of the Civil War. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching 1933´s Little Women.

· Jo is reading to Aunt March. In the first wider view of her, when Jo reads, we know as well..., both of her hands are placed on either side of the book. It cuts to a close-up of Jo and her hands are together in the middle of the book.

· Beth is playing the piano while the kittens get out of the basket on the floor next to her. As she´s trying to get them back in the basket, the lighter colored kitten is still under the piano. It cuts to a wider view when Hannah walks in, and the same kitten is in the basket.

· During the Witch´s Curse play, Amy opens the curtain and is saying, Have pity..., while standing away from the window. It cuts to a farther view when Jo starts to speak and Amy is in the window, her elbows propped on the windowsill.

· The sisters are getting ready to go to Laurie´s party. Jo puts a lace shawl/wrap over her head. It´s still on her head when she switches gloves with Meg. The scene cuts to a farther view and the lace shawl/wrap is on her shoulder.

· After Aunt March and Amy visit, Jo is talking to Professor Bhaer. When Jo starts to cry, Professor Bhaer reaches in his pocket and pulls out a slip of paper and his handkerchief. In the wider view of the two, he´s holding the slip of paper in his left hand. When they start to sit down, it cuts to a closer view and he´s holding the slip of paper in his right hand.

Little Women (1933) stars Katharine Hepburn, Joan Bennett, Jean Parker, Frances Dess, Spring Byington, Douglass Montgomery, Paul Lukas, Edna May Oliver, John Lodge and Henry Stephenson. It runs 115 minutes and has a Passed rating.

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