European River Cruise Packing List

European River Cruise Packing List
Deciding what to pack for any cruise is challenging, especially for a European river cruise that involves lots of walking and touring. I have a tried-and-true packing list that lets me fit everything in one carry-on suitcase plus a tote bag. I know this type of packing isn't for everyone, but it helps avoid checked luggage issues.

First, review the dress code for the river cruise you’ve booked. Many European river cruises are pretty casual. In addition, remember that river cruise cabins are often relatively small – so space is at a premium.

When beginning to pack, make sure your carry-on bag contains a change of clothes that you can use for touring and anything that might be hard to replace in-country, such as a bathing suit. Your carry-on items should also contain your cruise and travel documents, passport, credit cards, cash, medications, extra glasses, and any jewelry. This way, your essential items will stay with you in case your luggage is lost or delayed.

In addition, make 2-3 copies of your passport and important travel documents. Keep one or two of them with you separate from the originals in case your documents are stolen. Leave another at home with someone who could get them to you if necessary.

Here’s a suggested packing list for a one-week European river cruise. Feel free to modify it as necessary and let me know about anything I might have forgotten so I can add it to the list.


Travel Documents, Funds, And Papers

_ Airline tickets or e-tickets
_ Passports, visas, and other proof of citizenship
_ Cruise documents
_ Cruise and land tour itinerary
_ Travel insurance information and contact numbers
_ Driver's license and insurance cards
_ Vaccination Card
_ Medical insurance card and medical/prescription information
_ Credit cards (call credit card companies in advance of your cruise)
_ ATM card
_ Cash (if you’d like to arrive with cash before ATM withdrawals)
_ Language phrase book if needed
_ Emergency phone numbers

Medicines & Sundries

_ Prescription drugs and any other necessary medication
_ Antibiotic cream
_ Anti-itch cream
_ Anti-diarrhea medication
_ Band-aids
_ Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, and/or aspirin
_ Sunscreen
_ Sunblock for lips
_ Moisturizer
_ Anti-bacterial hand cleaner
_ Stain remover stick
_ Earplugs
_ Vaseline or lip moisturizer
_ Make-up and make-up bag
_ Make-up remover and cleanser
_ Deodorant
_ Toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss
_ Feminine hygiene products
_ Razor
_ Brush/comb

Cameras And Other Electronic Equipment

_ Camera(s)
_ Camera bag/dry bag for camera and electronics
_ Camera batteries
_ Extra digital camera memory cards
_ Portable battery charger
_ Cell phone and charger
_ Plug adaptors and converters
_ Laptop computer and charger
_ PDA and charger
_ Small lighted travel clock with alarm
_ Small flashlight
_ Night light

Reading Items

_ Books
_ Glasses (bring extras) or contact lenses
_ Contact lens cleaner
_ Sunglasses
_ Reading sunglasses (if needed)
_ Business cards
_ Notebook or journal

Other Helpful Items

_ Zip lock bags (both quart and gallon)
_ Small folding umbrella or poncho
_ Empty folding tote or duffle bag (to use for souvenirs)
_ Sewing kit
_ Travel pillow
_ Extra luggage tags
_ European adaptor plugs with multiple USB outlets
_ Cooling towels/products (for use when very hot)
_ Small handheld portable fan (for summer touring)
_ Small packs of tissues
_ Ear plugs and sleep mask (for long flights)
_ Small packable backpack (for touring)
_ Apple AirTags (for tracking your luggage)

Women's River Cruise Clothing

_ 6-7 shirts
_ 2 pairs of shorts (for summer cruises)
_ 2-4 pairs of casual pants for touring
_ Light sweaters or jackets for layering (in fall and winter)
_ Bathing suit
_ Cover-up
_ Dresses for casual dinners
_ 1 nice cocktail-type dress (if desired for gala nights)
_ Slacks
_ Underwear
_ Nightgowns
_ Socks (plenty)
_ Sandals/flip-flops
_ Comfortable walking shoes and/or running shoes (essential for cobblestone streets)
_ Dress shoes (if bringing a cocktail dress or dress pants)
_ Workout clothes for yoga classes, hiking and biking tours
_ Winter-type jacket (for late fall or Christmas markets cruises)
_ Rain jacket
_ Pac-Safe purse or other anti-theft cross-body bag for tours
_ Belts
_ Watch
_ Hat
_ Scarves
_ Gloves and boots (for Christmas markets cruises)

Men’s River Cruise Clothing

_ 5-6 shirts
_ 2-3 Long-sleeved dress shirts
_ 2 pairs of shorts (for summer river cruises)
_ 2-4 pairs of slacks for touring
_ Dress slacks
_ Blazer (for gala nights if you’d like to dress up)
_ Bathing suit
_ Workout clothes
_ Belts
_ Pajamas
_ Underwear
_ Socks (plenty)
_ Sandals/flip-flops
_ Comfortable walking shoes and/or running shoes (essential for cobblestone streets)
_ Dress shoes
_ Light jacket
_ Light sweaters or jackets
_ Rain jacket
_ Winter-type jacket (for late fall or Christmas markets cruises)
_ Hat
_ Watch
_ Zippered daytime bag
_ Money belt
_ Gloves and boots (for Christmas markets cruises)

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