The Equalizer (2014)

The Equalizer (2014)
Robert McCall is a former government operative now living a relatively secluded life. But, when he befriends a young teenager who’s in trouble with the Russian mafia, he finds himself with no choice but to come out of his retirement. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching 2014’s “The Equalizer”.

· Teri walks into the diner and says hello to the man working behind the counter. In the farther view, Teri places her purse on its side on the counter. In the side view, when the man says, “Here you go, kid,” and puts the cup and plate on the counter, her purse is still on its side. It cuts to a closer view when Teri grabs the cup and her purse is upright on the counter. When she asks Bob about the fish, the purse is on its side again.

· Bob goes to the hospital to visit Teri after she’s beaten up. In the rear close-up view, Bob is walking down the hallway and passes Unit 6 on his right. In the farther, overhead view, he’s shown passing Unit 8 and Unit 7, and hasn’t gotten to Unit 6 yet.

· A man robs Jenny’s cash register and takes her ring. Bob follows him out to the parking lot where he’s shown getting into the front passenger seat of the getaway car. A rear view of the car is shown as it’s driving away and there is no one sitting in the passenger seat.

· CAUTION: May Contain Spoilers! During the brawl in the hardware store, Bob hangs one of the hitmen with barbed wire. As he’s hauling him up, the man kicks a plastic wrapped bundle off the shelf that topples to the floor beneath him. A few moments later, the overhead view shows there is no bundle on the floor beneath him.

· CAUTION: May Contain Spoilers! Near the end of the movie, Bob and Teri are talking while walking along the sidewalk. When they stop and Teri mentions a new start, a woman wearing a white shirt walks behind her. It cuts to Bob and back to Teri and the same woman walks behind her again.

“The Equalizer” (2014) stars Denzel Washington, Chloe Grace Mortez, Martin Csokas, Johnny Skourtis, Vladimir Kulich, David Harbour, Melissa Leo, Bill Pullman, and David Meunier. It runs 132 minutes and is rated R for strong bloody violence and language throughout, including some sexual references.

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