Vegas Vacation

Vegas Vacation
After previous trips to Walley World and Europe, the Griswolds tempt fate once more by heading to Las Vegas. But the good time Clark envisioned spending with his family doesn’t happen when one fiasco after another befalls them. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “Vegas Vacation”.

· On the flight to Las Vegas, Ellen is reading Esquire magazine. Ellen says, “I do. But, here? Now?” and the magazine is closed and on her lap. The magazine is open again when Audrey sits down.

· Eddie meets up with Clark at the Blackjack table. When Eddie asks, “Where else can you were shorts twenty-four hours a day?”, a close-up of the cards shows Clark has a Queen and a 10 while the dealer has an Ace and a Jack. The scene cuts to a front view of the dealer and the table (rear view of Clark) and the cards are different. The dealer has a face card and a 9 and Clark has a face card and a different number card.

· Also during this scene, the two ladies sitting to Clark’s left leave the Blackjack table. The seats are empty during the rest of the scene. But, when Clark says, “Nineteen”, and it cuts to a rear view, and there is someone sitting beside Clark just before the dealer yells, “Twenty”. The seat is empty again a few moments later.

· The morning after the Siegfried and Roy show, the family is having breakfast at the hotel. Clark is drinking a glass of orange juice in the close-up view when Ellen says, “We’re just stopping by for lunch”. It cuts to a rear view of Clark (front view of Rusty) when Rusty says, “I want to gamble”, and Clark is now drinking from a coffee cup which he puts down on the table.

· Clark and Eddie are at the buffet. Clark puts broccoli on his plate just as Eddie sneezes. Clark proceeds to put the broccoli back and gets a carrot. A moment later, when Eddie puts macaroni on his plate, Clark has broccoli and cauliflower on his plate.

· Ellen yells “Clark, it’s not what it seems”, when he bursts into Wayne Newton’s home. There is no spaghetti on her forehead. Clark starts to talk and the view of Ellen shows spaghetti noodles hanging in the middle of her forehead.

· Near the end of the movie, the family decides to play Keno. Ellen is sitting beside Clark when they fill in the numbers. She gets up and walks over to the desk as Clark stays seated and starts talking to the man sitting nearby. In the view of Clark, when the man says, “Money isn’t everything”, Ellen can partially be seen still sitting beside Clark even though she’s at the desk. This happens again a few moments later when Clark says, “Well, you have your health”.

“Vegas Vacation” (1997) stars Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo, Randy Quaid, Ethan Embry, Marisol Nichols, Miriam Flynn, Shae D’Lyn, Wayne Newton, Wallace Stone, Sid Caesar, Julia Sweeney, Christie Brinkley, Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn. It runs 93 minutes and is rated PG for sensuality, language and thematic elements.

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