Voortman Sugar Free Chocolate Wafers

Voortman Sugar Free Chocolate Wafers
Chocolate wafers are a traditional snack, with thin cross-hatched rectangular cookies and a creamy layer inside. The sugar free version is 8g for a serving of 3 cookies, so just under 3g per cookie.

Now first, the obvious point here is that 3g per cookie is not zero. What is scary is that this is FAR better than real wafer cookies. Just how much sugar do people consume on a daily basis?? The ones we used to eat - the Ruger chocolate wafer cookies - were 20g per 3 cookies - minus 1g for fiber - so just over 6g every single cookie. That's quite a lot!!

If you are weaning yourself off of real sugar wafers, this is definitely a step in the right direction. But if your aim is to eat more healthily in general, 3g per cookie is still rather high especially when you are getting no nutrition at all in return. When you eat, it should be about nice flavor, but also about nutrition. There are many other nutritious, delicious snacks that you can find on this site that are far better for you.

How do they taste? They're actually pretty good, which makes sense with the main ingredient being wheat flour. These aren't "fake" cookies, they are just "slightly better" cookies. The cracker is crisp, the cream is smooth and tasty.

They do have 9g sorbitol per serving - this is a sugar alcohol. If you're sensitive to sugar alcohols, you might have digestive problems with these. Always start with just one to see how your body reacts to sugar alcohols if you haven't tried them before.

So if you are on a wafer fixation, definitely eat these vs eating the regular sugar-filled variety. But if you are really aiming towards a more healthy you, work to eliminate the chocolate from your diet - or at least go with the zero-carb varieties so that you don't gain weight from your treats.

General nutrition information from the voorman cookies -
For a 3 cookie serving:
8g fat (1.5g saturated, 0g trans)
40mg sodium
17g carbs - 9g sorbitol = 8g net carbs (no fiber)
0g protein
2% iron, no other nutritional value
130 calories, with 70 calories being from fat

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