Full Storm Moon of February

Full Storm Moon of February
Waxing moon period: 1/21/2015 to 2/2/2015
Waxing first quarter moon: 1/26/2015
Full Storm Moon: 2/3/2015
Waning moon period: 2/4/2015 to 2/17/2015
Waning last quarter moon: 2/11/2015
New Moon: 2/18/2015
Observations: Imbolc sabbat occurs 2/1.

The February full moon is the Storm Moon. This is a raw, blustery time of year in which the snow can return with a vengeance. The name for this month’s full moon comes from long ago Algonquian observations that the deep snowstorms tend to happen during February. Other names for this moon include the Quickening Moon. February is a month of beginnings and renewal as celebrated with the Imbolc sabbat. During this month, you want to get rid of emotional baggage and physical clutter to make way for new projects. On this full moon night, try a purifying ritual and cast spells for health and vitality.

Your altar
Drape your altar with a clean, pure white cloth to symbolize snow. You can lay a smaller silver cloth over that to symbolize moonlight. Decorations to honor Valentine’s Day could include red and pink candles and images or figurines of red roses, cupids, hearts, and doves.

Waxing Moon Magic
The night after new moon to the full Storm Moon:
This is a time of growth and summoning. Cast spells all during the Waxing Moon time to enhance and increase your health and vitality. If you choose to work with this year’s full moon connection with Valentine’s Day, you could also do spells to attract a willing partner or to strengthen your existing relationship.

Be careful since relationships involve two people and it is not recommended that you use witchcraft to interfere with someone else’s free will. In the case of attracting a partner, try not to keep a specific person in mind. Instead, put your request into the universe to find the right person, and let the gods take care of it for you. If you are trying to strengthen an existing relationship, do a spell to deepen your own ability to communicate with and understand your partner. You could also do a ritual of gratitude and celebration of your relationship and your partner.

Full Moon Magic
During the night of the full Storm Moon, perform a purifying ritual for yourself. Consider having a ritual to dedicate yourself to this year's spiritual path that may have been revealed to you during last month's full moon by your patron gods. Or you could continue the spellwork on health, vitality, and attracting or strengthening relationships that you have been doing through this month's waxing moon period. Remember, this year's full moon coincides with Valentine's Day for an extra boost of magical energy toward your love life.

Waning Moon Magic
The night after the full Storm Moon to the next new moon:
This is a time of letting go and sending away. As with the magical work you did last month during the full Wolf Moon, you are focusing on giving yourself a clean slate. Last month cleared away any powerful negative influences that may have followed you from last year. This month you’re working on the smaller mundane stuff such as bad habits, physical clutter, and residual emotional weariness that builds up this time of year because you are so tired of winter.

If you would like to work with this year’s full moon connection to Valentine’s Day, you could focus on releasing (1) any cynicism, suspicion, or resistance you have toward entering a relationship; or (2) any resentments and friction in your current relationship. Use white candles for your banishing rituals because of the extra element of purity offered by the color white.

Curious about the names and qualities of all full moons of the year? See Names of the Twelve Full Moons

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