Peanut Butter Brittle Recipe

Peanut Butter Brittle Recipe
Peanut brittle is simply peanuts, sugar, and some butter. As long as you find a substitute for sugar, you're pretty much all set! All peanut brittle is is "flat sticky stuff with a peanuty taste" :) It's named brittle because it's hard and crunchy.

Ingredients -

1 1/2 cup pecans
1 cup maltitol (powdered)
1/2 cup butter

Start by melting the butter in the microwave, it usually takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on your microwave. Put this into a flat frying pan over gentle heat. You want the width so the peanut brittle ends up relatively thin. Stir in the maltitol - keep stirring so that it blends in well.

There's no exact science to this one - you're looking for a golden brown color to form. It's not like it will be "bad" or "good" based on when you add in the nuts, it's just a degree of cooked flavor to the butter and brownness to the mixture. When it seems a nice golden brown to you, sprinkle the pecans all over the top. Take it off the heat and let it cool down. When it does, it'll form a stiff, solid piece.

Now just shatter the pieces! Enjoy the bits.

It's about 12g of carbs for the entire sheet, so depending on how much of it you eat at once, you get probably get 1g or 2g for your serving.

There are all sorts of variations you can do here - different kinds of nuts, different kinds of additions. If you do, remember that butter is 0g of carbs. So whatever nut you choose, just add that in for the total.

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