Betty Crocker Carb Monitor Chocolate Chip Cookies

Betty Crocker Carb Monitor Chocolate Chip Cookies
Betty Crocker's Carb Monitor chocolate chip cookie mix has 40% less carbs and 50% less sugar than their regular mix. That's a win-win situation for anyone who enjoys cookies!

This is about as simple as a cookie mix can get. You put the mix, 1 egg and 1/2 stick butter into a bowl and stir. Drop onto a cookie sheet and cook for only 10 minutes. Voila! You have warm, gooey homemade chocolate chip cookies. Life really can't get much easier.

The problem with cookies has always been the tons of sugar, of course. The sugar would rot your teeth and turn your waistline into a basketball. Here's where the Carb Monitor series does so well. Don't even think of it as a "low carb" item. Simply think of it as a low SUGAR snack. Normally you get 20g of carbs for every 2 cookies you eat. That is a TON of sugar. With these cookies, you only get 12g. You could literally eat twice as many cookies before you caused your body the same amount of harm. Of course, from a more reasonable point of view :) you could eat the same amount of cookies and spare your body of half of the sugar intake while you do it.

But the question is, of course, are you sacrificing anything in order to boost your health?

The answer is, not really. Betty Crocker has gigantic testing labs and really knows what they're doing as far as food and flavor goes. They aren't a fly-by-night organization hoping to cash in on a current health fad. They truly want to make sure that anything produced with their name tastes good, since it is a long term reputation they are protecting. They did well here.

The chocolate chips are PERFECT. Low carb manufacturers have truly become amazing with their sugarless chocolate options. They are gooey, chocolatey, perfect flavor and texture.

The only place where you notice any difference is in the "dough". We had a number of people testing the cookie batches I tried out. Some found the cookies completely delicious. Some found the dough to not have a delicious flavor. Not to say they were "bad" - the cookies definitely vanished quickly. You sort of have to wonder if people felt they had to be critical as they were being questioned about what they were eating. They certainly LOOKED perfectly normal, the texture seemed perfectly normal as you held the cookie and ate it. If there was any flavor difference, then only a few people sensed it, and it didn't interfere at all with those people gobbling up a bunch of the cookies.

Well recommended!

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