Superparenting for ADD Book Review

Superparenting for ADD Book Review
Superparenting for ADD: An Innovative Approach to Raising Your Distracted Child

There is a simple message in this book. As a parent, you can help your child who has Attention Deficit Disorder “unwrap the gifts” that he was born with. What are these gifts? They are the talents and abilities that your child would use if he could learn how to do so. Sometimes people with Attention Deficit Disorder have trouble unwrapping their gifts. Drs. Edward Hallowell and Peter Jensen teach parents how to help their child make the most of his natural gifts.

Through interactions with others we often get the idea that people with ADD, especially children, are the sum of their problems. If we take a closer look at the problems, and see the flip side, also known as the mirror traits, we can see that what some people see as a problem, others see as an opportunity. That hyperactive child has a lot of energy. Energy is a good thing! The child who is not following instructions and doing the job his way can also be termed as highly creative. A stubborn child can become a persistent adult who can push a difficult project to its conclusion. Mirror traits help us take another look at what our traits can mean for us.

What does your child naturally do when he is faced with a task that he needs to complete? Does he jump right in and start solving it, or will he stand back and think about the task for awhile? Conative strengths, as defined by Kathy Kolbe, are what your child will naturally do when asked to complete a job. These are discussed at length. Conation involves four areas; Fact finding, follow thru, quick start, and implementor are the conative strengths. Each person’s unique problem solving style is a blend of these action modes. By learning what your child’s conative strengths are, and the way he naturally and instinctively operates, you can help him learn to use these strengths effectively.

Your child can use his conative strengths and his mirror traits to learn to build a “cycle of excellence.” Dr. Hallowell gives a five step process for achieving this. The child needs to make connections, play, practice, find mastery, and receive recognition. This section offers detailed instructions on how to achieve this cycle of excellence.

Loving your child unconditionally is a large part of the message of this book. This means that your child should know that he is loved even if he is in trouble at school and his teacher is your new best phone friend. Love the child that you currently have—not the one that you hope to have one day, not the one who doesn’t get into trouble, but the one that you currently have. That seems simple enough, but children who are frequently in trouble need their parents to make an extra effort to help them feel loved. Does this mean that you overlook hurtful behaviors? No, but it does mean that you let the child understand that you love him, even if his behavior has not been what you expect it to be. There are stories in the book showing examples of this.

The book is easy to read and engaging. It has a lot of information that is presented simply. Superparenting for ADD: An Innovative Approach to Raising Your Distracted Child is a powerful tool to help parents’ advocacy skills become even more finely honed. Too often, we hear other people’s opinions of our child when he is not at his best. These opinions can color the way we see our child. Dr. Edward Hallowell and Dr. Peter S. Jensen want us to see our children with ADD as bundles of talent and potential. Most of all, they want us to love these kids extravagantly and enable the children to open their natural gifts to live their best possible lives.

I borrowed a book from the library to write this article. Then, I bought my own copy from Amazon. I was not compensated for this review.

This is a ground-breaking book that asks parents to look at their children with loving eyes. I highly recommend it.

Superparenting for ADD: An Innovative Approach to Raising Your Distracted Child

When you need a lot of information about ADD, go to Dr. Hallowell for easy to read and authoritative facts. This is one of the best books on ADD that I've ever read. It tells about children, college age students, and adults. This is another one that I had to buy for myself!

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