Gifts for Adults with ADD

Gifts for Adults with ADD
When you want to give a useful gift to an adult friend or family member with Attention Deficit Disorder, do you usually think of a calendar or organizer? Many people do. These can be fantastic gifts, but there are other items that adults with ADD might find beneficial, too. Help that stressed out person relax. Give a practical gift of a needed service to make their life easier. If the person has trouble navigating, you can help them find their way. Is the person just learning about ADD? Give your favorite recipient books or a video to make their journey smoother. There’s a lot that you can do to give desirable presents that do double duty. They mark an occasion and they help the person deal with some of the symptoms of ADD.

Adults with ADD/ADHD have a notoriously difficult time relaxing. My best friend enjoys getting a gift certificate for a relaxing massage. Does your friend have a passion? Whether they are artistic or athletic, you can give them a gift that helps them pursue whatever makes them happiest. Let them relax with a new toy to indulge that special skill that they have been developing. Is your family member a reader? Help them with their household clutter and let them have hundreds of books at their fingertips. Buy them a Kindle. Prices have come down, and the technology is good. This is a fabulous gift.

In addition to trouble relaxing, people with ADD often have problems getting to sleep and staying asleep. At our house, a white noise generator has made all of the difference between frustration and a refreshing night’s sleep. If you would rather have something a little more rhythmic, get a CD that has soothing sounds to meditate with. Healing Sounds of Nature - Thunderstorm, Rain and Ocean Waves is a good choice. You might also want to visit the BellaOnline Meditation Site. There are many aids for meditation there. They are reasonably priced.

Do you just love to give a practical gift that keeps on giving? Gift certificates are always a welcome gift. Remember to check the terms of the gift certificate before you buy it. Does your friend have things to do around the house, but they just don’t know where to get started? Ask around. The chances are good that you know somebody who has used the services of a professional organizer. These little wizards come into your home and help you figure out how to do what needs to be done. Their goal is to help you love the space that you live in. If you don’t know of an organizer, give the gift of Angie’s List! This list will help you find the professionals that your friend can use. Some ideas might be a cleaning service or car detailing shop. Who doesn’t love having a clean house or car and not having to do it themselves? Finding a good handyman on Angie’s List is a wonderful thing! You could give them a certificate for an hour of handyman service.

Another practical gift is a GPS. For those people who love to adventure about the area, but might be a bit directionally challenged, this can be a fantastic gift. You give them the freedom to go on their jaunts without getting stressed out about becoming lost.

If your friend or family member wants to learn more about Attention Deficit Disorder, there are two particular things that I would recommend. The first is a book called Delivered from Distraction. It has a wealth of valuable information. This information is written in a very readable style by two professionals who have a lot of experience with ADD. The second is called ADD and Loving It! This DVD is enlightening and entertaining. Both have full reviews in the REVIEWS portion of this website. A link is provided after this article.

What if you really, really want to get a calendar or organizer for that special someone? For it to be useful, you’ll need to question the recipient to see what works best for them. Do they want a day-by-day, week-by-week, or full month calendar? Personal preference really makes a difference here! I enjoy either a pocket edition or an oversized type of calendar or organizer. I find these two types are harder to lose. The pocket one stays in my hot little pocket. The oversized one is easier to see. If you are buying for me, make it red or some other color that’s hard to camouflage. If I want to use it, I have to find it!

If you've always wanted to find a natural way to go to sleep or relax, this is the CD for you.

Healing Sounds of Nature - Thunderstorm, Rain and Ocean Waves

A Kindle can free up a lot of space and reduce clutter. When you travel or wait in the car for kids to finish their activities, your favorite books can all be at your fingertips. This version is under $100!


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