Winnie The Pooh in Boo To You Too!

Winnie The Pooh in Boo To You Too!
It is a peculiar night that happens but once a year called Halloween. Deep in the 100 Acre Wood Winnie the Pooh is dressed like a honey bee practicing for Halloween. Pooh is not fond of tricking but loves to treat in order to get his honey.

Tigger is dressed like a skeleton wanting to warm up his tricks because Tiggers like Halloween the best. Gopher is dressed like Eeyore but no one sees this and he spends the whole time dressing while his friends are trying to win the best costume prize that does not exist. Eeeyore is wrapped in bandages as his costume

This is the beginning of the Disney video entitled, Boo To You Too! This movie was released in 1997 and starts with a preview to the Little Mermaid that was in theatres the holiday of 1997. Next is a Disney interactive preview with other videos to own. The video is twenty two minutes in length.

Piglet is in his house trying to get over his fear of Halloween. He sings about how he has to be brave and not afraid for his friends to be together. Piglet does not have a scary feature for the spookiest night of the year. He wants to show himself that he is not afraid which results in the door knocking and the gang showing up with the wind blowing them all in the house scaring Piglet.

Tigger, Pooh, Eeyore and Piglet head for Rabbit’s house for Tigger to pull a trick on him. Along the way Tigger notices a storm brewing while Pooh decides to test his honey bee costume on some bees to make sure he blends in. He climbs a tree and loses his costume in the process.

The gang heads on the trail to Rabbit’s house running from the bees and ends up trampling on the pumpkin patch that Rabbit has named each one like Petra and Petunia. Tigger than draws faces on the pumpkins to make Jack-O-Lanterns. The faces scare Piglet and Gopher shows up dressed like Rabbit. Rabbit announces he has no time for this Halloween madness and it is not a favorite holiday of his.

They all leave Rabbit’s house with the storm picking up. Tigger tells them the lords of lightning, thunderous thundering and winds breaking every move are upon them with creeping and crawling spookables!

At this point even the trees are creepy looking and spook Piglet more. Tigger then is home singing about how he wants to scare himself and everyone else.

They all get together once night begins for their journey. Then Piglet decides he does not want to participate and they talk about how every year he never does. They arrived in their costumes at Piglet’s house which made him scared and run out of his house.

They run all over the 100 Acre Wood and Piglet rescues Pooh from the spookables enabling him to conquer his fears and enjoy Halloween with his friends.

There are a few scenes that were frightening to Matthew when he was quite younger. Now he has gotten past them and enjoys watching Boo To You Too! He would leave the room and rush back in when the scenes were in progress.

For a child under three years an adult would be advised to sit through this with the children and view this as a family. The scene where Piglet is singing in his house and the door knocks is the first one that is a bit scary for a smaller child.

The next part would be in the woods when they come upon the trees right after the bees on the way to Rabbit’s house. There is plenty of music and spooks for the preschooler. The songs are original and easy to learn to sign along and memorize. The movie helps with ideas for costumes as well as fun and games for any parties a child could be attending.

Boo To You Too! is a great addition to a video collection for any family. If you run a family day care this could be a video to purchase due to the shortness in length as a special holiday treat.

I keep this video with other holiday videos in a top closet and grab it to play throughout the year for fun and spooks. I have seen this sold in K-Mart, Rite-Aid and Toys “R” Us, as well as video club selections.

Now it is time to get a spookable video for your munchkins today to make this a holiday treat on a yearly basis. Boo To You Too!

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