Summer Reading Ideas for Teens and Adults

Summer Reading Ideas for Teens and Adults
Summer reading isn't just for little kids. Teens and adults can enjoy that extra reading time, too. Start with your public library. Often they have special reading programs for the summer. Some of these can include great prizes. Check in with your librarian, and check out the program!

*What are your reading goals and how will you track them? Do you just want to read more of what you enjoy? How can you expand your world by learning new things? Meeting goals can be the reward, but sometimes it is nice to get a little extra! What will be your reward for meeting your summer reading goals?
*Visit your library, if you are looking for that perfect book. The library staff is very knowledgeable about books. They can help you find just the right book to make your summer reading sizzle!
*Go to the library events for your age group. Libraries have a lot of activities geared for teens and adults.
*Make a reading log, and congratulate yourself for every book that you read. List them all on there. Challenge yourself to read a certain number of books.
*Consider Hi-Lo books to spice up your reading selections. These are exciting books for teens and young adults who have struggled with reading. Each story is geared toward older readers, but the text isn't as hard to read. It's not just struggling readers who like these. If you are a proficient reader looking for a good read, these can be a quick gulp of solid reading.
*Choose different genres of books, including ones that you haven't read before. Explore books from each genre. Some suggested genres include mystery, science fiction, historical fiction, romance, horror, literary fiction, poetry, biography, thrillers, western literature, women's lit, travel books, and cookbooks. Don't forget to revisit those books that you loved when you were younger.
*Work with your family to set aside a special family reading time each day. Read together! Spend a minimum of 30 minutes reading together. Make it an electronics-free time. Each person can read their own book, or you can read a book together. After you are done reading, write a brief summary of what you read in a spiral notebook. It needs to be at least 5 sentences long. You can also illustrate it. Be sure to put a date, so that you can look back at your summer reading.
*Share what each family member is reading. Discuss what was read in family reading time and any other books that you are reading.
*Start a book club. Meet one time a week. You can either choose a group book or each read and discuss your own book. It's your choice. Share some snacks! This can be a time to socialize while enjoying reading.
*Find natural places where you appreciate reading and go there to read. I love reading at the arboretum.
*Do you delight in travel? Where would you like to go? Check out books to find out about that place. Also, read about that place on the internet.

Enjoy your summer reading program. Explore new people and places, learn things that you have always been curious about, and finally, improve your reading speed and comprehension. Reading in the summer can bring so many rewards. Challenge yourself!


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