Buying Vegetables on a Budget

Buying Vegetables on a Budget
I sometimes hear that low carb is an expensive way to eat. What people really mean is that eating VEGETABLES can be expensive. That's sad - because everybody should be eating veggies - not just low carbers!

Here are some tips on getting your daily vegetable quotient even if you're on a budget. Remember, this advice isn't just for low carbers. It's for ANYBODY who is eating healthily.

Grow your Own Vegetables
Every year I buy a packet of seeds for under $1. I end up with more tomatoes than I could possibly eat in a lifetime. I have to give tons away to family and friends. I could easily can or sauce pounds of tomatoes and eat them all year long. This has got to be the cheapest way for you to eat healthily all year long. Hook up with friends who garden, and do exchanges.

Visit Farmers Markets
Local farmers in your area undoubtedly hold farmers markets where you can get fresh veggies all year round. This is FAR cheaper than buying produce in a supermarket that was shipped in from Timbuktu - and far more environmentally friendly. Support your local farms, and eat fresh food.

Buy In Season
In modern times we even forget there IS a season for foods. But some foods can be grown locally, and others have to be shipped in. If someone is shipping food in to you from China, you are going to pay those transportation costs - plus the world is being polluted by the trucks and ships. Buy whatever veggie is in season and local. Freeze those you can't eat. It not only is far cheaper than the alternative, but it really gets you in tune with what nature is providing.

Bargain Shop
Your Sunday newspaper has a ton of flyers in it for local shops. For the $1 or whatever that you pay for the paper, you can easily save far more than that by shopping wisely. Plan out your menu for the week, look through the paper and choose the cheapest veggies you see. Even taking into account the gas that you spend getting to the supermarket, you can easily save a ton of money by doing this.

Develop New Tastes
If the only veggies you like are potatoes and corn, then you are going to be in rough shape. Not only is your selection very limited, but the nutrition you get from those two items is rather feeble. Choose a new veggies to grow to like. Studies show that if you eat something 10 times, your tongue begins to adjust to its flavor. This makes sense evolutionarily - if you are stuck on an island that only has brussel sprouts, you better learn to like them so you stay alive. Try a variety of recipes with the new veggie. Once you learn to like it, your list of options has now expanded.

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