Final Fantasy X Review

Final Fantasy X Review
You can really tell that the developers of FFX knew what they were doing, and listened carefully to all criticism and kudos from the previous versions. This game does just about everything right, improving on the previous games and keeping the parts that make the game so incredibly enjoyable.

First, the storyline. This isn't just a hack-and-slash game - you really do start to get to know the various characters, each with their own personalities and personality quirks. None of the characters are perfect - Tidus is a little petulant, Wakka a bit closeminded. But as time goes on, they learn, grow, get from a disparate bunch of individuals to a really well integrated group.

The addition of voice dialogue is rather neat, although it does get a little strange in some scenes. In general it does add to the sense that this is a live movie - especially during the GORGEOUS cut-scenes. As an anime fan, this is the sort of stuff I used to go to art movie houses to watch!

Where in the last game (FFIX) they required you to play card games to move through the game, this time the game of choice isn't required. Blitzball is like water soccer, and the scenes of it are truly amazing. You can play if you want to get one of the characters better weapons, but if it's not your style, you can ignore it as well. The choice is yours!

The world is really well put together, with the various culture and their art styles and architectures. It's great fun moving from deserts to mountains to water worlds. The game moves smoothly, letting you learn as you go. It's pretty unidirectional so you don't get wildly lost while you're learning. Near the end, you gain the ability to go whereever you want, and explore at your leisure.

You easily stay entertained for weeks and weeks (if not for months) because there are so many side quests and mini-games that you can play right before the final battle. Just put off the end battle as long as you want, building up your characters and the world in which they live. Then, when you're ready, blast the enemy and relish the ending!

Rating: 5/5

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