Lisa's Standard 20g Meal Day

Lisa's Standard 20g Meal Day
Here's what I fall back on if I just want a quick, easy way to get through my day on 20g or so.

Breakfast -
EAS Low Carb Shake, chocolate - 2g

I'm just not a morning person at all. When I wake up, I wander down to the kitchen, pour the shake over ice, then go to my computer to check my mail while I drink it.

Lunch -
salad with oil and vinegar - 0.5g
tuna fish with olives, capers, dill - 0.5g

I like quick and easy for lunch. Also, the cats love the oil / water from the can :)

Snack -
olives, 2.5g

I *love* olives. I could eat olives every day. Olive oil is of course very good for you :)

Dinner -
salad with oil and vinegar - 0.5g
steak - 0g
zucchini - 3.3g

Bob grills dinner for us most nights. So it's grilled fish or grilled steak. I'm not really a chicken person. He'll grill green or yellow squash along with it.

Dessert -
nuts - 2g

I'm not really a dessert person. Nuts aren't great for induction so if you're still in the first 2 weeks I'd avoid them, but otherwise it's fine to add them in. Also since I'm not on induction I'll have wine with dinner and with 'dessert', so that's another 4g or so. But assuming you're on induction and avoiding the wine, that gives a total of -

total - 11.3g

So that's just over half of what you "can eat" in a day - and I'm feeling quite full. I drink a lot of water each day. The meals are all quick and easy, and very tasty. You can do all sorts of things with steak for example, marinades and rubs and so on. The same is true for zucchini. Or you could have broccoli with cheese sauce, or cauliflower with sesame seeds, etc. etc.

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